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Patent Portfolio Management

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Building and managing a strong patent portfolio plays an important role in the success of an IP savvy company. From planning and developing a patent portfolio that matches your company’s business goals, to managing and maintaining it every step in the process, is critical for a company’s patent success. Strategizing patent filing, managing timelines, diligent docketing, business analysis and auditing are some of the vital steps that enable effective and efficient portfolio management.


We at BananaIP Counsels have built an outstanding portfolio management system and team. We help clients develop strong patent portfolios, manage dockets and timelines, and our team and proprietary technology adds value to you. Our team’s insight into Indian, US, European and international patent laws and their process-driven approach enable us to provide one of a kind, highly regarded patent portfolio management services.

BIP hosts an experienced and highly qualified team of patent attorneys, agents and technologists, who have performed thousands of patent searches for their clients

Domain Expertise

We have a team of technology/patent experts in the following domains:


Automobile Engineering


Information Technology/Software

Organic Chemistry



Business Methods


Medical Devices

Food and Cosmetics

Personal Care

Civil Engineering

Some of our clients include:

Our team has provided patent/Prior Art search services for the following clients:


HCL Technologies

Mahindra & Mahindra

Eureka Forbes

IIT, Madras

IIT, Bombay

Astra Zeneca

Connexios Life Sciences

Reddy Laboratories

Larsen & Toubro


Camson Biotechnologies

Why BananaIP Counsels ?

  • BananaIP hosts an experienced and highly qualified team of patent attorneys, agents, and technologists specialized in portfolio management for Indian and foreign clients;
  • Formerly as Brain League, and now as BananaIP, the firm has filed and managed thousands of patent applications and patents for clients in India, USA, Europe and other countries;
  • BananaIP’s patent portfolio team has experience of managing portfolios of national, international and PCT applications;
  • BananaIP has well established international reach and partnerships to help clients file and prosecute applications in more than hundred countries;
  • The Firm’s proprietary project and portfolio management tools enables it to track, manage and deliver projects in an organized and timely manner;
  • Over the years, BananaIP’s attorneys and agents have developed proprietary templates and tools to address specific business needs of clients;
  • The expertise of BananaIP’s patent attorneys and agents allows clients to save patent portfolio costs and maximize business value; and
  • BananaIP’s offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai provides easy access to patent offices and clients.

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