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Patents are starting to play an increasingly significant role in today’s technology driven industry. An organization’s innovative strength is considered to be directly proportional to its patenting activities. In this Invention/Innovation/Intellectual Property driven age, along with the number of patents, an organization is also assessed based on the quality of its patents. Since acquiring a patent is generally an expensive affair, it becomes all the more essential to take a strategic approach towards obtaining patent protection.


The Patent team at BananaIP comprises professionals with expertise in their respective technical domains as well as exposure to patent law of various jurisdictions. The team has about 60 years of collective experience in the field of patents. With this team structure, an invention related to a specific domain is taken up by our patent attorney(s) having expertise in that particular domain, thereby ensuring a quality-based approach. Further, the team’s exposure to the patent laws of various jurisdictions enables us to recommend to clients internationally-accepted best practices, at various stages of a patent life-cycle, from patent research, patent drafting, patent filing, patent prosecution to patent grant and maintenance.

A patent/literature search is performed for various purposes, from assessing patentability of an invention to analyzing risks in product launches and understanding the landscape of a particular technology. While perusing patent databases is fairly straight forward, culling out appropriate information from the sea of data available requires special research skills, technology insight, and a thorough understanding of the patent system. Once a search is performed and relevant documents are shortlisted, making sense of the data based on the intended purpose of the search requires an in-depth insight into patent law, superior analytic skills, and the ability to lucidly present the same.


The Patent Search team at BananaIP brings together technology expertise, patent knowledge, and domain experience to add value to patent searches. Access to proprietary patent and literature databases, proprietary technology, and tailor-made presentation tools allow us to provide quality search services. Our process-driven approach, timely delivery, and copyrighted templates set us apart from other service providers.

  • Patentability Search
  • FTO Search
  • Invalidity Search
  • Technology landscaping
  • Patent Mapping
  • Patent watch

A patent specification encapsulates an invention, defining the scope of protection awarded to the invention through its claims. Claims play a critical role in defining the metes and bounds of an invention, with adequate support from the specification and the manner in which it is drafted. Strong technological background, keeping abreast with developments in patent law, experience in prosecution of patent applications and craftsmanship in making the disclosure, all play an essential role in determining the quality of the draft that is ultimately produced.


Our team comprises bankable and expert patent attorneys with strong technological backing and experience of working closely with inventors, for purposes of bringing alive a patent specification. Our commitment to assist clients acquire strong patents is fortified by our resolve to enable them build a progressive patent portfolio in order to further their business goals. Our teams’ experience in the international arena, complemented by their foresight, enables us to offer as yet unparalleled drafting services for clients across the world.

  • Provisional Specification Draft
  • Non-Provisional Specification Draft/Complete Specification Draft
  • Draft vetting and review
  • Claim drafting
  • Preparation of drawings
  • Specification preparation/formatting

The Patent Filing stage marks the beginning of the patenting process for an invention. Filing for a patent is referred to by some as a constructive ‘reduction to practice’ for an invention. Though the process is largely procedural, it is an essential step requiring expertise, attention and speed. Also, the possible approaches available under the patent law, nationally and internationally, necessitates due analysis and strategy for filing.


Our team of qualified patent attorneys, works in tandem with clients to devise and implement appropriate filing strategies based on clients’ needs, in a timely manner. The wealth of experience possessed by our team, in handling applications, the eye-for-detail, international reach and state-of-the art tools enable us to provide quality services across the world. By strategizing filings, optimizing budgets, planning international entry and expediting processes, we help clients maximize business benefits from their patent filings.

  • Indian Patent Filing (Direct/Convention/National Phase)
  • Patent Form Filing
  • Response to communication from Patent Office
  • Foreign/Convention Filing
  • International/PCT Filing
  • Foreign Filing Permit
  • Renewal Filing
  • Application preparation
  • Assignment drafting and filing

The process of acquiring a patent is only half done after a good specification is drafted and the application is filed. Taking the patent specification to grant requires immense expertise, craftsmanship, and diligence. All actions during the patent prosecution phase, from drafting examination responses to dealing with examiners require special skill, experience in dealing with the patent office and an in-depth understanding of patent law and procedure. More often than not, despite the value of an invention, a patent grant or its scope depends on the experience and expertise of the patent attorney.


Our prosecution team, manned with experienced and staunch professionals with expertise in the international playing field, has been helping clients efficiently handle patent applications during prosecution and secure patent grants. Supplemented by our proprietary portfolio management tool and dedicated support staff, our patent attorneys focus their energies on maximizing the scope of patent protection through strategic and highly effective prosecution strategies. Our insight into national, and international patent processes, and experience of acquiring several hundred patent grants across the world, enables us to provide unparalleled prosecution services to our clients.

  • Analysing examination report/office action
  • Devising response strategy
  • Drafting Examination/Office Action Response
  • Filing Office Action Responses
  • Representation and Hearing/Examiner interviews
  • Appeals

Patent opposition provides to the public and to interested parties, an opportunity to object to the grant of a patent. Owing to the nature of protection afforded by a patent, a patent grant in its field of operation may turn out to be a hurdle for a business, and sometimes even to the society on the whole. Successfully opposing a patent, not only requires a deep understanding of the law and procedures, it also demands comprehensive research, strategic approach, and skillful process management.


Our highly experienced team of patent attorneys is equipped with skills needed to draft, file, and represent clients at the patent office in pre-grant and post-grant oppositions. Working closely with clients, we devise opposition strategies in-line with business goals. On behalf of our clients, our team shoulders the responsibility of removal of such business hindrances through opposition of such patent applications/patents, where applicable.

  • Drafting Opposition Notice/Counter Statement
  • Evidence Management
  • Representation/Hearing
  • Appeals

More often than desired, inventions not worthy of a patent grant pass through the patenting process and pose threats to businesses as granted patents. These patents may be invalidated or revoked through a legal process at any time before the expiry of the patent term. Grounds for such revocation may be the existence of prior art, inequitable conduct and even false disclosure to the patent office. Despite the existence of valid grounds for invalidation, the task may be accomplished only through diligent research and documentation, careful drafting and lucid presentation of the case.


From providing invalidity opinions to devising a revocation strategy and implementing it, our team of experienced patent agents/attorneys works closely with clients, and endeavours to achieve optimum results. Through our support, upon setting out to have a patent revoked on valid grounds, clients will be able to remove patent hurdles to business and create free-to-operate markets. Our strategic opinions and detailed research help our clients make informed patent decisions.

Building and managing a strong patent portfolio play a very important role in the success of an IP savvy organization. From planning and developing a portfolio in-line with an organization’s business goals to managing and maintaining the portfolio, each step of the process plays a critical role for an organization’s patent success. Strategizing filing, managing timelines, diligent docketing, business analysis and auditing are some of the vital steps that enable an effective and efficient portfolio management.


We at BananaIP, take pride in our portfolio management system and expert portfolio management team. Beginning with helping clients develop strong portfolios all the way through to managing dockets and timelines, our vetted team, assisted by our proprietary technologies, adds value to each client at various levels. Our team’s insight into national and international patent laws and process-driven approach enables us to provide unique and reputed portfolio management services.

  • Patent Quality Assessment
  • Docket Management
  • Maintenance/Renewal Management
  • Timeline Management
  • Portfolio Analysis/Strategic Inputs
  • Strategic Portfolio Development
  • Detailing Client’s Portfolio

Managing, Evaluating and Valuing a patent, each play a vital role in enabling an organization gain business value from its patents. Beginning with patent portfolio management through to the commercialization of a patent, a well defined policy and process must be in place. Audits, at regular intervals, not only help companies excavate untapped inventions, but will also ensure patent process compliance. Based on an organization’s patent strategy, the quality of its patent portfolio and its financial value need to be consistently analyzed and strategized.


Our team of patent management experts works closely with companies to help them build, develop and utilize their patents in their business activities. As the only organization with tremendous experience and expertise in conducting more than a hundred IP mining and Audit exercises, our team has a unique insight and capacity to help companies move up the patent value chain. From helping companies increase patent numbers to improving the quality of patent filings, our team has successfully helped many companies boost their IP processes.

  • Idea/Invention Disclosure Management
  • Patent Mining
  • Audit/Compliance
  • Portfolio Analysis/Assessment
  • Patent Evaluation
  • Patent Valuation
  • Patent Strategy
  • Patent Process

Patent litigation can be a very costly and time consuming affair, unless strategically managed. Despite its pitfalls, through proper planning, litigation can be used as a valuable tool to gain business value. An efficient and effective business approach to patent litigation requires a thorough knowledge of not only the patent system but also the judicial system. The approach also requires keen understanding of a client’s business goals and modes of achieving them through litigation, strategic cost/time management and swift response to challenges.


Our team of experienced patent attorneys helps clients manage litigation for business benefit, through strategic litigation planning, litigation support, alternative dispute resolution and settlements at the right time. We work closely with clients to understand their business goals and devise/implement an effective litigation strategy. Bearing in mind that litigation is a means to the end of gaining business value or mitigating business risks, our team helps clients maximize benefits from litigation and minimize cost, effort and time spent. Our litigation approach aims at avoiding long drawn court battles and to achieving speedy results.

  • Assessment of Dispute/Opinion
  • Strategic Patent Enforcement/Defence
  • Litigation Support
  • Research
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Patent Settlement

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