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Patent Registration in Delhi

Patent Filing, Prosecution and Maintenance Services

Patents can serve to be one of the most important intellectual property assets of a business enterprise. They provide a business enterprise investing in research and development, the opportunity to obtain returns from their investments by exclusively exercising their Patent rights. Because of the value provided by them, patents are today considered by companies as invaluable business and competitive tools.  BananaIP helps in getting patent registrations in Delhi.

Why Patent Registration Delhi?

By protecting a new idea for a process or product, patents make it possible for individuals and businesses to protect their work and investments. Without this kind of protection, it would not be worthwhile for people to invest large amounts of money in new inventions since they would not be able to prevent their competitors from immediately making use of their inventions, without having had to put in the same time, money and hard work.

The quality of a patent attorney used for patent searching, drafting, filing and prosecution is often overlooked by most business enterprises. It is a wrong notion that every patent attorney is as good as any other.  A patent attorney plays a very important role in ensuring the successful grant of a patent. It often takes long years of experience and a combination of innate qualities to ensure quality in terms of patent searching, drafting, filing and prosecution and thus the selection of the correct patent attorney is one of the most essential needs of a business enterprise.

Patents are tangible assets which, if properly managed and utilized, create increased value for a company. A patent portfolio can be a significant part of a corporation’s overall value. Companies must place the same measure of attention on their patent portfolio as with other investment portfolios since the overall strength of the patent portfolio determines a major part of the total commercial value of the company. Earlier business experiences indicate the kind of potential a strong patent portfolio can have for a business enterprise and hence it becomes necessary that all businesses emphasis strictly on filing for patents whenever a new technology or innovation has been identified by them. This also is expanded to include the fact that businesses can benefit exceedingly well by maintaining a strong patent portfolio post patent registration Delhi.


Why BananaIP for Patent Registration in Delhi?

  • Clients at New Delhi and other locations prefer to work with BananaIP for the following reasons:
  • BananaIP’s patent team includes leading patent attorneys in India;
  • The firm has long term patent services experience, and handles a portfolio of more than five thousand files;
  • BananaIP has the best patent portfolio team, and a state of the art software to manage client’s timelines and documentation;
  • The firm matches technology expertise to patent work, and its attorneys are adept at handling inventors; and BananaIP has access to proprietary patent  and literature databases.

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