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Patent Services Firm in Chennai – Patent Filing, Patent Searching, Patent Drafting, and Patent Prosecution in Chennai

Over the last few years, the number of patents filed by Information Technology, Manufacturing, Automotive and Electronics/Telecom companies in India has increased multi-fold. The increase in patent filings indicates the increasing role of patents in business establishment and growth. Investors, Consumers, Employees, and Government, all of them, give great value to patents in decision making at various levels. One daily newspaper has recently compared patent filing in India with the gold rush.

The increase in patent activity mandates patent diligence from every company seeking to attain business success. In addition to protecting patents, it is necessary for every company to carry out FTO analysis and take patent risk clearance measures. Patents are today an inevitable element of every business, innovative or not.

Making patent decisions is not easy as patent law is complex and requires expertise in not only law, but also technology and business. Patent profession in India is at a nascent stage, and very few patent attorneys and agents have the requisite expertise to advise clients for business success. BananaIP is one of the few IP Firms in India that brings not only strong legal background, but also technology and business expertise and experience to the table. Its patent experts are among the leaders in patent profession in India, and help clients maximize business value from their inventive assets.


Why BananaIP?

Clients at New Delhi and other locations prefer to work with BananaIP for the following reasons:

  • BananaIP’s patent team includes leading patent attorneys in India;
  • The firm has long term patent services experience, and handles a portfolio of more than five thousand files;
  • BananaIP has the best patent portfolio team, and a state of the art software to manage client’s timelines and documentation;
  • The firm matches technology expertise to patent work, and its attorneys are adept at handling inventors; and
  • BananaIP has access to proprietary patent and literature databases.

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