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Patent Life Cycle Management for IT Conglomerate

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Why they approached us

  • Could not find an end to end IP service provider who could manage services ranging from patent filing to risk assessment and analytics.
  • Were not happy with the earlier service provider, a leading traditional law firm whose work approach involved excessive transactions and investment of too many man hours from the client.
  • Could not find a firm which had interdisciplinary technology expertise.

What did we do

  • Developed solutions for the client which met all its requirements in the patent life cycle
  • Simplified invention disclosure process by giving more emphasis to inventor interviews to reduce paper work
  • Deployed a dedicated team of experts with strong and diverse technology backgrounds


  • Substantial increase in number of patents filed when compared to the previous years
  • Improved quality of patents because of the holistic solutions provided
  • Substantial reduction in time invested by inventors in patent protection process


A global IT and technology conglomerate

Date: 2014

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