Patent Infringement Analysis – Simulation Exercise by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala at UPES School of Law

This Infringement Analysis Exercise is part of the Patent Law and Practice Program being taught by the BananaIP Team to the Students of  UPES School of Law, Dehradun. Readers may use the content herein with appropriate attribution to the author.
Patent Claim
A screen apparatus for a frame, said apparatus comprising:

  • an elongated element, said elongated element adapted to be secured to at least one of a top portion of the frame and a support structure in a vicinity of the frame;
  • at least one moveable element, said moveable element configured to be moveable secured to said elongated element; and
  • at least one sheet connected to the moveable element, wherein said moveable element is configured to slide on said elongated element thereby moving the sheet between a closed and open positions.

Product 1
XYZ offers innovative silk curtains for sale. The specialty of the curtains is that you will not need curtain rings to open and close the curtains. The curtains come with loops made of silk, which can be looped over a curtain rod of any shape. They can be easily closed and opened at will.
Product 2
ABC manufactures silk ropes for XYZ. The silk rope can be fastened to the loops of curtains. The rope runs over a pulley and has knotted ends that allow users to open and close the curtain.
XYZ incorporates the rope and pulley mechanism in its curtains and sells them to customers.
Product 3
XYZ Tech sells wireless curtains imported from USA. The curtains can be opened and closed using an App on a cell phone. The App comes with a slider that allows a user to control the extent to which a curtain needs to be opened or closed. The App interacts with a wireless receiver on the curtain rod, which activates and moves the pulley mechanism in the requisite direction based on user inputs.
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