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Open Source & Creative Commons

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Open Source License and Creative Commons License Services

  • Open Source License Analysis/Opinion
  • Open Source Policy/Process Set-up
  • Open Source Risk Assessment
  • Dispute Resolution/Settlement


Some of our clients


  • Samsung
  • LG Software
  • WIPRO Technologies
  • Infotech
  • ZIVA Software

It is estimated that 99% of businesses using software use open source software in one form or another. Owing to the success of open source software, the concept has transcended boundaries and is today integrated into many other fields. While use of open source software provides several advantages from speed, to a large community, it also comes with many conditions, restrictions and sometimes problems. Dealing with open source license compliance, and strategizing risk mitigation require a strong background in both law and software.


Since 2004, our team of technology savvy IP attorneys has been helping large multinational corporations analyze open source licenses, devise compliance models and risk mitigation strategies. Converging their graduate education in IP Law and Software, our team has advised companies on some of the cutting-edge projects involving Android, Linux and iOS. Realizing the increasing role of patent risks in integration of open source software with proprietary software well ahead of time, we have devised policies, which are protecting our clients’ interests in several ways. Our experience in open source consulting, coupled with our expertise in law and technology, makes our team ‘one of its kind’ in the country.

BIP hosts an experienced and highly qualified team of patent attorneys, agents and technologists, who have performed thousands of patent searches for their clients

Why BananaIP Counsels ?

Clients in India and across the world prefer to work with BananaIP on open source license projects for the following reasons:


  • BananaIP has long drawn experience of providing open source license analysis and strategy, opinions and reports to clients;
  • The firm’s attorneys have not only drafted some popular open source licenses, but have also helped clients strategize and integrate open source works into their business strategies;
  • BananaIP’s team specializes in helping clients integrate open source into proprietary/non-proprietary models and maximize business value therefrom;
  • The firm’s open source attorneys are among the thought leaders in India on open source and contribute extensively to the open source movement and debate; and
  • BananaIP specializes in mitigating IP risks from open source, and has helped clients establish compliance programs and open source processes/systems.

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