NSRCEL’S IP For Start-ups at IIMB a Grand Success

The program organized by NSRCEL, IIMB’s  entrepreneurship cell on 5th September, 2015, was a great success. More than five hundred aspiring entrepreneurs registered for the event, and close to two hundred were on campus. Many others joined the event online and viewed the webcast.

The event started with an introduction to the start-ups series of NSRCEL, and their role in promoting entrepreneurship. Once the preliminaries, by Mr Keshav were out of the way, Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala gave his keynote address.

Broadly, Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala spoke about the value of IP for a startup, and various steps a startup must take to make the best of its IP Assets. He also provided a framework on intellectual property to help startups plan their IP investments.

Following Dr. Kalyan’s enlightening talk, the three special guests gave insights on their allotted topics. First to speak was Mr. Madhavan, MD and CEO of PEPS Industries, India’s leading spring mattress company.

In line with his business experience, Mr. Madhavan gave insights into the value of IP for a mattress  company like PEPS. He spoke about how IP can be an invaluable business tool in stopping competitors, and how he had succeeded in improving his company’s valuation using intellectual assets.

Next special guest to speak was Mr. Ashish from Linksmart.

He gave a presentation about the role of patents in generating licensing revenues. Taking his invention and patents around it, as examples, he explained about how he was able to create value and revenues.

The last special guest to speak was Mr. Murthy from Intel.

Drawing from his experience as an in-house counsel, Mr. Murthy spoke about factors that large companies consider while acquiring patents and startups. He also gave an understanding of the steps involved in a due diligence activity while acquiring IP.

Subsequent to the sessions by special guests, Dr. Kalyan opened the forum for questions from participants. The questions were directed to special guests based on their specialty, and Dr. Kalyan gave clarifications wherever required.

For Start-ups Materials
You may access and download Dr. Kalyan’s presentation here. Start-ups are free to use the presentation and Intellectual Property framework provided therein.

Dr. Kalyan has put together a series of posts for startups, which may be accessed here.

IP, Patents For Start-ups and Entrepreneurs I: Importance of IP

IP, Patents for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs II – Trademark for Business

IP, Patents for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs III – Patents

IP, Patents for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs IV – Trade Secrets and Confidential Information

IP, Patents for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs VI – IP Risks

IP, Patents for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs VII – Raising Funds from VCs and investors in India

IP, Patents for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs VIII – IP Protection Checklist

IP, Patents for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs IX- IP Risk Clearance Checklist

IP, Patents for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs X-IP Checklist for Start-ups looking for VC Funding or Investment

IP, Patents for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs XI-IP Valuation for Start-ups

IP, Patents for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs XII-IP Licensing

Three checklists were handed over to participants. You may download the checklists, which will help startups plan their IP investments hereunder.


Participants gave very positive feedback about IP for Start-ups. Here are some responses:

It was an amazing experience. Came to know about the Do’s and Don’ts before commencing with a new venture. It is essential for every start-up to have an IP professional guiding them” -Nitesh Kumar

“We  came to know how important a role IP plays for a business venture. Dr. Kalyan’s talk was really informative. Looking forward to similar events by NSRCEL” -Sushmitha  Kumar

It gave a blueprint for the precautions to be taken before setting up a business. Mr.Madhavan was very inspiring. Would’ve loved to speak to all the panel members“- Jacob George

In this day and age people copy others ideas. Hence, it is very important to protect our IP and inventions. Dr. Kalyan enlightened us as to how we can ensure protection of our IP“- Keerti T.

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