Use of Music in Salons and Ads

The scope and extent of music copyright enforcement is expanding, and two avenues of such expansion are digital and ground spaces. PPL and Novex have been continuously broadening their licensing portfolio by aggressively enforcing copyrights against hotels, resorts, salons, event agencies, corporates, etc. Some recent court orders have enabled rights holders to add new types of licensees, and in this post, we are sharing 2 copyright cases that have resulted in favourable orders for music copyright holders.

Music Copyright Cases
Injunction against use of music in Salons

The Delhi High Court has recently granted an exparte injunction against the use of sound recordings that form part of repertoire of Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL). The injunction was granted against Geetanjali Salon and all its units at different locations. Except one Salon that had a license, the Court stated that the use of PPL’s music by all other salons prima facie amounts to copyright infringement.

Citation: Phonographic Performance Limited vs Geetanjali Salon Private Limited & Ors, Delhi High Court, 16 February, 2024, CS(COMM) 148/2024

Madras High Court grants damages and compensatory costs for infringement of music in a commercial

In a case involving the use of two tracks ‘Global Gear’ and ‘On Cloud Nine’ from the music album ‘Veena in Vienna’ in television commercials, the Madras High Court granted an injunction restraining Kanchepuram SM Silks from using the music in their commercials on television. The Court also granted damages of Rs 1 Lakh Rupees and compensatory costs of Rs. 4 Lakh Rupees. Additionally, the Court ordered the defendant to also pay the profits made by it from the infringing commercials as well as litigation costs.

Citation: Spi Music Private Limited vs Kanchepuram S.M.Silks, Madras High Court, 24 January, 2024, C.S.No.380 of 2017


Considering the approach being taken by Courts today with respect to music copyrights, and the pace at which decisions are being given, business establishments may find it difficult to get away with using copyrighted music without permission. It is therefore advisable for businesses to either use creative commons and public domain music; or acquire licenses from appropriate rights holders if they wish to use copyright protected music. Seeking the opinion of a copyright attorney before using or playing music within the establishment would prove to be useful in legalizing copyright usage, or defending copyright claims.


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