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Mechanical, Manufacturing and Automobiles Patent Filing Services

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BananaIP offers Mechanical and Automotive patent filing services in India and Interntaionally.  The firm has over the years handeled hundereds of patent filings for clients in India, US, Europe, Japan, China and other countries.  BananaIP offers Indian patent filings, PCT Filings, foreign country filings and regional filings.


A comprehensive patent search, a sound patent draft and a good filing strategy culminate in a strong and enforceable patent.  While a thorough patent search and a sound patent specification are the initial steps towards getting a strong patent, an effective and an error free filing strategy should be adopted to avail business benefits from patents.


Many aspects should be considered for filing of a patent application.  Some of the basic aspects are whether to file a provisional application or a non-provisional/complete application and whether to file the first application in India or outside.  Other aspects include as to whether to file a Convention application or to file a PCT Application, whether to file a request for examination at the time of filing the application or to defer the same.  The aforementioned and other aspects are very crucial as even an inadvertent mistake could have a detrimental outcome.  Sometimes when an application filed in another country is filed in India some changes may have to be made to the patent application/draft to meet the Indian patent filing requirements.


BananaIP’s Mechanical and Automotive patent Attorneys are well versed with filing patent applications in India and abroad.    The team provides filing strategies based on client’s business goals.  BananaIP also has developed AI powered tool “iPlantain” to plan and maintain patent portfolio.

  • Provisional Filing
  • Complete/Non-provisional filing
  • Foreign filing license
  • Foreign filing
  • Convention filing
  • PCT filing
  • National phase filing

Domain Specialization

  • Mechanical
  • Manufacturing
  • Automobiles
  • Electric vehicles
  • SPMs
  • Medical devices
  • Green technology
  • Water purifiers
  • FMCG
  • Jewelry

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BananaIP’s Mechanical, Manufacturing and Automobiles Patent Filing Department


Somashekar Ramakrishna

Somashekar Ramakrishna

Senior Partner
  • Nationally recognized automotive, mechanical, and manufacturing patent agent/attorney.
  • Has significant experience of working with a leading US Patent Firm and United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).
  • Seasoned patent drafting and prosecution expert for global manufacturing and automotive companies.
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