Litigation is not an end in itself, it is just a means to address a business problem

BananaIP's Intellectual Property Litigation Management Department

Statistically, more than 99 percent of IP disputes get resolved before they get to the Court. At BananaIP, we believe that all options to resolve a dispute or problem must be considered and tried before going for litigation. Even after going to the Court, amicably settling the case might be the best business option. Keeping communication doors open and reaching out can resolve most IP and business disputes more efficiently than a full trial.

BananaIP’s Litigation Management Department offers litigation strategy and management services with the core objective of resolving intellectual property disputes for business benefit. Whatever the nature of the dispute might be, our experienced and expert team of IP attorneys will devise a strategy to resolve the issue by way of communication, reaching out and discussions. If the dispute does not get resolved, we will develop a litigation strategy and plan to not only provide speedy relief, but will also provide options at various points to amicably settle the case. We personally represent before some Courts and IP Tribunals, and work with the best lawyers to achieve the planned result before other courts.

BananaIP’s IP litigation team has over the last 15 years helped in resolving hundreds of IP disputes, and has managed about 20 litigations. We have helped clients with managing a wide variety of IP matters such as patent, copyright, and trade mark infringement cases, privacy/publicity rights violations, IP license and contractual disputes, defamation cases, traditional knowledge misappropriation issues, brand conflicts, and so on. Our team is constituted by some of the leading IP attorneys in India, who combine their expertise in law, business and technology to effectively and efficiently resolve IP problems.

Our services

BananaIP’s IP Litigation Management Department offers one of its kind services to resolve IP problems, disputes and conflicts to achieve business ends. From taking down content, websites, apps, and products to infringement cases, revocations/rectifications, domain name disputes, and contract enforcement, BananaIP offers solutions to many IP and related disputes. We have over the years been providing effective litigation management services to clients in the electronics/telecom, entertainment, manufacturing, automotive, ecommerce, content licensing, pharma, medicine and related fields.

Intellectual Property Enforcement, Defence and Conflict Resolution Services

• Patent, Copyright and Trade Mark Infringement Watch and Report
• Communications and Notices to Infringers
• Product and Content Take Down
• Cease and Desist Notices
• Legal Notices and Responses
• Discussion, Negotiation, and Problem Resolution

IP Dispute Settlement Services

• Settlement Negotiation
• Drafting of Settlement Agreement
• Mediation and Arbitration
• Settlement Advise and Opinion

Revocation, Opposition, Domain Name Dispute and Take Down Services

• Website and Content Take Down
• Product Take Down
• Patent and Trade Mark Opposition, Revocation/Rectification
• Domain Name Disputes

Litigation Support Services

• Drafting Infringement Suit Documents
• Drafting Plaint, Written Statement, Replication, and Counter-claim
• Drafting interim applications and affidavits
• Preparing Technical Primer and Technical Analysis Reports
• Preparing Claim Construction Brief
• Preparing Infringement Brief
• Prior Art Search and Invalidity Brief Preparation
• Drafting Non-Infringement Brief
• Technical Expert Opinions on infringement and non-infringement/invalidity
• Case Law Research
• Written Submissions Drafting
• Briefing Counsels and Advocates

Patent, Copyright and Trade Mark Litigation Management and Representation Services

• Case Strength Opinion
• Litigation Strategy and Report
• Drafting Plaint, Written Statement and other documents
• Researching and Preparing Written Submissions
• Representation before Courts and IP Tribunals
• Advising Litigators and Briefing Senior Counsels

Fields of IP: Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Industrial Designs, Trade Secrets, Geographical Indications, Traditional Knowledge, Plant Varieties and Others

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Our Experience

BananaIP has helped clients resolve hundreds of IP issues, problems and disputes over the years.

Select Cases we handled and successfully resolved:

Patent infringement Dispute of a large automotive company

License dispute with respect to a water purification patent

Dispute between PEPS and PEPSI

HYPNOSE Brand Dispute

Dhoom Copyright and Trade Mark Infringement Case

An Author's Dispute with Amazon

Trade Mark and website conflict of Navi Mumbai International Airport

App integration contract dispute

Mobile application conflicts for DailyHunt

Celebrity endorsement contract disputes

Merchandizing transaction disputes

Our Team

Our IP litigation Department brings together experienced litigators, IP attorneys, technologists, negotiators and business managers to facilitate dispute resolution for optimal business benefit. Depending on the nature of the IP problem, conflict or dispute, our department puts together a team that will review the issue, propose options/solutions, and implement the same. Their long term experience and success in resolving disputes effectively, innovative approaches, and focus on business goals of clients has enabled them to arrive at resolutions where others have failed. Our invaluable experience and success of solving problems and resolving disputes unique to India, and our innovative approach to litigation and disputes makes us the best team for litigation management and dispute resolution in the country.

Dr. Kalyan is a leading IP attorney and advisor in India. Over the years, he has helped many companies resolve IP disputes, enforce IP, and settle IP cases and conflicts. He appears on behalf of clients in select cases.

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Aswin Prabhu

Aswin is an advocate with long term experience of representing clients at different Courts and Tribunals. He worked with the former Advocate General of Karnataka before starting his own practice. He has worked on IP matters, commercial matters, and contractual matters for several clients. He is associated with BananaIP’s litigation team as a litigation partner.


Sanjeeth Hegde

Sanjeeth is an experienced business negotiator and specializes in striking deals. He worked as an in-house IP counsel for large Fortune 500 companies before joining BananaIP. His business and negotiation skills have helped several clients resolve patent, trade mark and copyright conflicts in an efficient and cost effective manner. He works very closely with the entertainment industry.

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Vinita is a reputed pharma patent attorney specializing in devising IP strategies and building business relationships. She has helped several companies as an in-house counsel and patent attorney avoid IP disputes, strategize and mitigate patent infringement risks, and strike license deals.

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Som is a well-known mechanical/automotive patent attorney in India. Over the years, he has handled many patent revocation/invalidation, opposition, and infringement matters. He has helped many clients with FTO analysis and patent risk free product launches.

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Nitin is a leading patent attorney in the electronics, telecom, AI and IOT space. He works with large MNCs as well as start-ups on patent infringement, FTO, opposition, invalidation, and dispute resolution projects. He specializes in patent infringement resolution and risk free product launches.

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BananaIP's Litigation Department brings together some of the leaders in IP in India to offer unique dispute resolution services.

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