Leading Law firm in United States

Nature of Company: Leading Law firm in United States


Why they approached us:

  • Could not find a cost effective high quality research services provider for their client’s needs
  • Was looking for experts well versed in US patent law who had prior experience of working with US patent clients

What did we do:

  • Performed couple of plot projects to enable the client to assess the quality and comfort level with our experts. Once they were satisfied, a full fledged team was set up to manage large-scale projects.
  • Provided cost effective services without compromising on the quality of work
  • Put a team in place that had members with formal education in US patent law and experience in working at Patent firms in US.
  • Set up secure networks and portal for sharing information/reports


  • The law firm could cut cost substantially without compromising on work quality
  • Firm got an external, yet highly integrated team which functioned as their department.


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