IPO Postpones WIPO-Indian Summer School, WIPO Releases New e-PCT – version 4.7 And More

In this week’s Patent News – WIPO releases new e-PCT – version 4.7; IPO postpones WIPO-Indian Summer School until further notice; IPO issues notice containing list of withdrawn patent applications and other news updates.


IPO postpones WIPO-Indian Summer School until further notice

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Indian Patent Office has indefinitely postponed the WIPO-India Summer School that was previously scheduled to be held between 1st June and 12th June 2020. The official notice also states that new dates will be intimated once they have been finalized.

You may click here to access the official notice.

IPO postpones IP Innovation Gallery at RGNIIPM

According to a public notice issued on 20th April 2020, the Indian Patent Office has indefinitely postponed the establishment of the IP Innovation Gallery at RGNIIPM, Nagpur.

You may click here to access the official notification.

IPO issues notice containing list of withdrawn patent applications 

The Indian Patent Office has published a notice consisting of all patent applications that have been withdrawn through Form 29 between the period of January and March 2020. According to the document published on 21st April 2020, 736 applications have been withdrawn in the aforementioned period. You may click here to access the complete list.

IBM offers free access to over 80,000 patents to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

In a bid to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, IBM has offered free access to its entire global patent portfolio comprising of more than 80,000 patent applications as well as those patents that are specifically useful to fight the Novel Coronavirus. The Director of IBM Research India, Gargi Dasgupta said that the free access is applicable to a number of AI patents and U.S patents related to biological viruses. The Director has also said that all researchers, scientists, technologists and officials working to diagnose, prevent, contain, and treat a novel coronavirus can access the patents.


WIPO releases new e-PCT – version 4.7

On 21st April 2020, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) released a new version of the e-PCT with enhanced features and improvements. According to the e-PCT v4.7 Release Note, the latest version of the e-PCT provides a new e-PCT Office Action, to request documents from the IB for National Phase applications. The all new feature titled “Request outstanding documents” generates a form called “Document request from Authorities.” This request is directly submitted to the IB for obtaining documents that are not already available on the e-PCT portal or Patentscope. Further, v4.7 has made improvements to forms such as ISA/203, ISA/206, ISA/210 and ISA/237. A new from, namely, ISA/212 titled “Notification of Decision of Protest” has also been implemented as an e-PCT ISA Office Action. In addition to the above, certain other changes include:

  • Improvements to applicant fee calculation and payment features.
  • Applicants may receive a new e-PCT notification for the time limit to upload priority documents;
  • Applicants have access to perform some e-PCT Actions when the international application is in RO Phase and not yet transmitted to the IB. The applicant can submit translations, declarations and power of attorney.

You may click here for more information on the new e-PCT v4.7.
IP Australia releases 8th edition of the Australian Intellectual Property (IP) Report

IP Australia released the 8th edition of the Australian Intellectual Property (IP) Report on 24th April 2020 with the theme – Digital Economy. According to the Report, businesses that hold IPR have proved to have lived 5 years longer when compared to those that do not hold these rights. They have also shown to have made four times the amount of profits in comparison to companies that do not hold patents and trademarks. The Report further states that the IP office has witnessed a reduction in the number of applications filed in 2019 when compared to 2018. China, U.S.A, Japan, Germany and U.K have been recognized as the top 5 countries of origin of patent applications. Further, an increased amount of activity in the field of Designs has been observed.

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