IP Strategies for AI: Insights from BananaIP at NASSCOM 2023

The technological landscape witnessed an insightful gathering at the NASSCOM Generative AI Confluence on 18th October 2023 at Radisson Blu, Bangalore. This event, a nexus for thought leaders and innovators in artificial intelligence (AI), featured enriching sessions that dug deep into various facets of AI, from market strategies to compliance with Responsible AI Principles.

One segment that garnered particular attention was the ‘IP Guidance & Strategy’ session. Here, Ms. Anjali Santhosh and Mr. Sujith S from Samsung R&D Institute offered their expertise on pivotal IP matters, guiding the discourse through several crucial areas:

  1. The inherent value of patents for businesses and the impact on their growth trajectories.
  2. The landscape of AI inventions’ patentability within the Indian jurisdiction.
  3. Detailed breakdown of patent timelines and procedures in India and the US.
  4. An overview of patent licensing, emphasizing its role and strategic importance.
  5. The dynamics of open-source license models in the current technological arena.
  6. Available avenues for expediting patent grants, assisting swift and secure IP rights acquisition.

In the broader context of AI and IP integration, the session also touched upon BananaIP’s collaboration with Telangana AI Mission (T-AIM). This partnership, known for significantly aiding startups through nuanced IP strategies, aligned perfectly with the session’s essence, offering a real-world perspective on the support system available to burgeoning technology enterprises.

NASSCOM Generative AI Confluence

The event’s interactive nature, comprising expert insights and lively Q&A rounds, facilitated an immersive learning experience. Participants delved into practical scenarios, gaining clarity on the procedural and strategic aspects of securing intellectual property.

As the confluence drew to an end with a social gathering, attendees, armed with new insights, engaged in meaningful interactions, setting the stage for future collaborations.

In retrospect, the NASSCOM Generative AI Confluence 2023 emerged as a comprehensive knowledge platform. It underscored the criticality of robust IP strategies in harnessing the full potential of AI innovations, reflecting the industry’s collective stride towards informed intellectual property understanding and utilization.