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In our recent posts we have featured several blogs that exclusively cover specific areas of IP, such as Patents, Biotech and Pharma patents, Copyrights, Trademarks to name a few. The weblog that we bring to you today covers one aspect of IP law that is very crucial for every patent holder. The blog is called “PatLit” and it covers patent litigation law, practice and strategy, as well as other forms of patent dispute resolution.


Patents grant the patentee a monopoly over an invention for a specified period of time (normally 20 years). However, the lives of such patented inventions can be cut short before the normal 20 year period. The cause of which is most often attributed to Patent Litigations and disputes. The PatLit weblog is dedicated to everything and anything to do with patent litigation; this includes covering infringement issues, appeals against refusal to register, revocation, cancellation and amendment of existing patents, ownership and transnational disputes, discovery/disclosure, privilege and professional ethics, evidence and expert witnesses or anything else that is relevant –  without restriction in terms of national or regional jurisdiction.


The weblog was founded in late 2008 by Jeremy Philips along with some of his colleagues from Olswang LLP. In the farewell post by Jeremy, he states that the blog was founded “principally as a means of lobbying for reform of the England and Wales Patents County Court.” The blog is presently managed by Michael Thessen, who is a patent attorney and the founder of another blog called GermanIP.


The weblog has come a long way since its founding, seven years since its inception the weblog is subscribed to by over 1,500 subscribers and appears to have generated over 915,000 pageviews since November 2008. Google gives the blog a page rank value of 5 from 10 possible points, which is quite fair. The blog also receives about 2,300 unique visits each month which is a neat figure for any weblog.


The main contributions to the blog are from Michael Thessen and David C. Berry. The articles featured on this blog are neatly presented and offer an analysis of the issues in simple and understandable terms.  The blog is a great effort in the dissemination of IP knowledge and news. We at SiNApSE therefore appreciate the blog as well as the blogging team in giving us a great blog to refer to with respect to Patent litigations in Europe and the world over. Great going Michael and team, we wish you all the best for your blog(s).


Authored by Gaurav Mishra


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