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Patent Docs is a weblog that focuses on recent developments in biotech and pharma patent law.  It offers updates regarding changes in Patent Office rules and procedures affecting biotech and pharma patent prosecution, and provides summaries of recent court and board decisions impacting biotech and pharma patent litigation and prosecution.  In addition, Patent Docs reports on biotech and pharma news and highlights newly issued biotech and pharma patents.  The news and information presented on Patent Docs is provided by a group of patent practitioners holding doctorates in a diverse array of biotech and chemical disciplines.

The weblog was launched in October 2006 and has come a long way since then. The primary authors of the blog include the team of Donald Zuhn, Kevin Noonan and Andrew Williams. While Dr. Zuhn has more than a decade of experience in all aspects of patent prosecution, litigation, counseling, and licensing, Kevin Noonan has more than 20 years of extensive work as a molecular biologist studying high-technology problems in serving the unique needs of his clients. Dr. Williams similarly writes extensively on issues specific to the AIA-related PTAB trials, with a particular focus on life-science-related IPRs and PGRs, the pending legislation to curb abusive patent litigation, ethical issues related to patent practice, and issues specific to the litigation of pharmaceutical patents.

The blog is a hot favorite among readers who are in any way associated with Pharma or Biotechnology. Alexa gives the blog a Global Rank of 766,104, while Google gives the weblog a Page rank of 4. While the blog was listed in the ABA Journal of Blawg 100 in 2014, the weblog missed the chance this time. Nevertheless, I think it still deserves to be honored as one of the best blogs in IP and more particularly with respect to Pharma and Biotech News.

Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Leading IP Attorney,  says –

“Patent Docs is one of the best blogs in the world for Biotech and Pharma patent news, articles and updates. From claim drafting strategies to judgments, Patent Docs carries a host of very useful articles. It is an excellent resource for patent professionals and attorneys.

Thanks a lot for giving us an excellent patent resource Donald.”

Patent Docs has done a fantastic job by providing its readers with constantly updated news in the field of Pharma patents and also by providing great articles and content to refer to.

Authored by Gaurav Mishra

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