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Last year in 2015, we ran a series on the world’s best IP blogs where we featured Intellectual Property blogs who have carved a niche for themselves in the world of IP. The series that we ran last year received immense appreciation and support from our readers and we remain thankful to them for the same. We also thank the IP blogs featured in this post and the series last year, for it is they who have taken it upon themselves the extremely arduous task of bringing to the public, their share of knowledge on IP.

Inspired from what we pulled off last year, we present to you the list of the top ten IP blogs of 2016. If you are interested in knowing about the blogs that made it to our list of top ten IP blogs in 2015, please click here.

The Top Ten IP Blogs of 2016 are:


Blog 2015 Rank Comparison















Kluwer Copyright Blog  









Kluwer Patent Blog  



The IP Law blog

New entrant



Afro IP  


Brief introduction to the World’s Best IP Blog’s:

IPWatchdog: IPWatchdog was launched in the year 1999, and since then has become a trusted resource on intellectual property for many people. Since the launch of the blog, it has been owned and maintained by Gene Quinn, a patent attorney, law professor, author and inventor. The blog watches out for news on the business, substance, and law of patents, technology and innovation. The blog occasionally covers Copyrights and Trademarks as well.

IPKat: The IPKat is a weblog dedicated to covering copyright, patent, trade mark, information technology and privacy/confidentiality issues from the UK and European perspective. The weblog was launched in 2003 by Jeremy Phillips and Ilanah Simon as a teaching aid for Intellectual Property Law students in London. Today, the IPKat’s weblog has become a popular source of information, material, commentary and amusement for IP owners, practitioners, judges, students, administrators and enthusiasts.

Patently-O: Patently-O is an American based web blog which primarily covers the happenings in America with respect to Intellectual Property. The blog was founded by Dennis Crouch and launched in January 2005 and has often been cited as one of the best blogs of the US and the world. The blog presents an extensive empirical analysis of the US patenting system. It also provides patent prosecution tips for attorneys and inventors, statistics, and status updates of patent infringement cases. Over the past decade, the site has established itself as one of America’s leading patent law resource.

SpicyIP: SpicyIP is an intellectual property blog from India, which was founded in 2005. The SpicyIP team regularly posts updates, news, events and analytical posts from across Indian and the world. The blog claims to be committed to enriching the public domain by providing free access to IP decisions, laws and regulations, parliamentary reports and other information that is not otherwise accessible.

Kluwer Copyright Blog: Kluwer Copyright Blog is once again a publication of Kluwer Law International which provides information and news with respect to the European copyright law. The intention of the copyright blog is to provide short columns on European copyright law and occasionally US law where there is a cross border interest. The blog was founded in 2010 and has come a long way since its inception. It primarily caters to copyright law professionals in general and more particularly copyright law professional operating in Europe.  The managing editor of the blog is Dr. Lucie Guibault who specializes in copyright and neighbouring rights law, collective rights management, open access licensing, protection of computer programs and database right.

PHOSITAPHOSITA happens to be an Intellectual Property blog of the Oklahoma and Washington based law firm of Dunlap Codding. The blog covers all the forms of IP including Copyrights and Trademarks. The blog was started in late 2003 by Douglas Sorocco, a partner and patent attorney at the firm.

Patentology: Patentology is an Australian blog which primarily covers IP news from within the island continent of Australia. All of the articles featured on the blog are authored by Mark Summerfield. Mark is a registered Australian Patent and Trade Marks Attorney who specializes in patent law and practices in the fields of digital and computer systems, information and communications technologies, and computer software.

Kluwer Patent Blog: Kluwer Patent Blog is a publication of Kluwer Law International providing information and news on European patent law.  The blog was founded in July 2010. The first post, jointly prepared by Peter Burgers of Brinkhof in Amsterdam and Brian Cordery of Bristows in London stated the blog’s ambitions as being “to provide readers with an up to date picture on important developments in the field of patents throughout Europe and to provide a platform for high level discussion on the most significant topics”.

The IP Law blog: A new entrant to the world’s best IP Blogs in 2016 is the Intellectual Property Law Blog from Weintraub Tobin. The blog provides counsel in connection with copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, false advertising, licensing and promotions and sweepstakes. The blog’s objective is to serve as a forum to discuss IP strategies that provide protection to a business’ or persons’ intangible assets. The blogs on IP Law Blog are primarily authored by Audrey A Millemann and team at Weintraub Tobin.

Afro IP: Afro-IP is an IP blog that covers the African intellectual property law, practices and policies. It provides the reader with news, information and comments on IP law, practice and business deals pertaining to the continent of Africa. Born in the last week of December 2007, Afro-IP arose from the concern of team leader Darren Olivier that there was no decent source from which to obtain reliable news concerning IP developments in Africa and nowhere to put it once you’d gotten hold of it.  The Afro-IP team is largely Anglophone, but the blog also welcomes postings in other major African languages.

We congratulate all the blogs featured in this list and hope that they continue with the good work. We also wish them the best of luck for 2017. On a separate note, we observed that a number of blogs have either discontinued with the blogging or have completely shut down. This is a cause for concern and we therefore hope that we will see a change in the trend in 2017 and hope that a number of new blogs would come up in 2017 because this evidently is the need of the hour.

Disclaimer: The rankings featured here are based on a strict set of parameters including Aesthetics, Average visits per day, Global reach of the blog, Number of Blog post in one year, other factors such as initiatives undertaken by the the blog in the year.

Authored by Gaurav Mishra.

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