On behalf of all our contributors, we wish you a Very Happy, Creative and Innovative New Year.
We thank you for your support and patronage in 2019, and will endeavor to continue our mission of contributing to the flow of IP knowledge and IP culture development in 2020 as well. As we head into the new year, we will be grateful for any observations, comments or inputs you may have to help us improve Intellepedia and its initiatives.
In 2019, we published 562 blogs/articles, the topic wise split of which is provided in the table below.

Sl no | Topic | Number of Posts

  1.   Patents – 198
  2.   Trademarks – 114
  3.   Media and Entertainment Law – 75
  4.   Copyrights – 46
  5.   General IP – 28
  6.   e-Commerce Law – 17
  7.   IP Commercialization/Licensing – 12
  8.   IP for Start Ups – 12
  9.   Industrial Designs – 10
  10.   Others – 48

In 2019, Intellepedia received 2,75,699 hits, and was once again ranked among the top IP resources in the world.
We have also been very active on social media, and have a total of 5,819 followers on different platforms.

Social Media Followers

RSS Feed: 822
Linkedin: 1,238 followers
Facebook: 1033 followers
Twitter: 2,726 Followers
Thanks once again for your support over the years, and we wish you Intellectual Property and Business Success in 2020.
Intellepedia Team.

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