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Patent Quote of the Week

 A good idea and a great draft often make for a good patent. – Gaurav Mishra, Patent Associate, BananaIP Counsels

Indian Patent Statistics

There has been a fair increase in the total number of patent applications that have been published this week by the Indian Patent Office. A total of 2130 patent applications have been published this week as opposed to 1786 application in the previous week. Of the 2130 patent applications, 72 applications account for early publications while 2058 applications are ordinary publications or publications occurring after the 18 month period.

Early Publications

City Previous Week This Week Percentage of change
Delhi 8 3 62.5% decrease
Mumbai 70 21 70% decrease
Chennai 32 43 34.38% increase
Kolkata 31 5 83.87% decrease
Total 141 72 48.94% decrease

Ordinary Publications

City Previous Week This Week Percentage of change
Delhi 357 778 117.93% increase
Mumbai 560 367 34.46% decrease
Chennai 324 644 98.77% increase
Kolkata 404 269 33.42% decrease
Total 1645 2058 25.11% increase

TOTAL PUBLICATIONS (Previous Week): 1786


Percentage difference: 19.26% increase


City Previous Week This Week Percentage of change
Delhi 119 104 12.61% decrease
Mumbai 13 31 138.46% increase
Chennai 123 80 34.96% decrease
Kolkata 50 32 36% decrease
Total 305 248 18.69% decrease

Number of Applications published based on applicant city

Of the total 2130 patent applications published this week, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad have contributed a total of 467 applications. The total applications from each of the previously mentioned cities are as follows – 166 from Mumbai, 146 from Bangalore, 7 from Delhi, 68 from Chennai, 53 from Hyderabad and 27 from Kolkata.

List of Cities 1st January 2017 – till date 11th November 2017 to 17th November 2017
Mumbai 1495 166
Bangalore 1271 146
Delhi 790 7
Chennai 838 68
Hyderabad 443 53
Kolkata 353 27

Total number of applications published by the Indian Patent Office from the 1st of January 2017 till 10th November 2017: 31474

  • Early publications: 2711
  • Ordinary Publications: 28763

Total number of patents granted by the Indian Patent Office from the 1st of January 2017 till 17th November 2017: 11431

  • Delhi – 4707
  • Mumbai – 1178
  • Chennai – 3496
  • Kolkata – 2049

First Examination Report (FER) Statistics

A total of 829 FER’s have been issued this week. Applicants and their agents can check if any of their patent applications have been examined by referring the journal available here.

City No. of FER Issued
Delhi 274
Mumbai 126
Chennai 294
Kolkata 135
Total 829

Indian Industrial Designs Statistics

The designs office at Kolkata has registered a total of 214 designs this week; translating to a modest increase of 3.88% in comparison to the total number of designs registered in the previous week. The total designs registered from the 1st of January 2017 till date now adds to 8522 applications.

Total designs registered in the previous Week: 206

Total designs registered this Week: 214

Percentage Difference: 3.29% decrease

Total designs registered from the 1st of January 2017 till date: 8522

Interesting Patents

From Systems that translate sign language into words, Wheelchairs that aid the disabled and elderly to an umbrella that looks like something right to out of a sci-fi movie, this week’s journal is filled with more interesting patent applications than ever before. While we obviously wanted to list down all of these patent applications, we have restricted ourselves to providing you with details of three of the best applications that we came across in the journal.

Patent Application 1:


Application No. 201721008257

Applicants: Ulhas Dattatraya SHIURKAR and Anita Shamrao WALDE

Abstract: “Disclosed is a system 102 for translating a sign language gesture into a textual format. An image capturing module captures a video frame as an image comprising at least one sign language gesture performed by a person. The pre-processing module processes the image to remove noise data from the image. The noise may be removed pertaining to the at least one sign language gesture present in the image in order to derive a processed image. The feature extraction module extracts a set of features, pertaining to the at least one sign language gesture, from the processed image by using a predefined technique. The translation module applies an optimized Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technique on the set of features in order to optimally translate the at least one sign language gesture into a textual format.” (Abstract has been taken from the patent application as is and has not been corrected.)

Patent Application 2:


Application No. 201741039582

Applicants: K. Vigneshwarram et al.

Abstract: “Wheel chair cum bed has been a great boon to the old people who are unable to walk and to the amputees, as it improves their mobility and life style to a large extend. A wide range of research has been conducted in this domain by many researchers. In spite of several improvements in wheelchair designs, some serious concerns continue for the wheelchair users of age above 60 years old. An exhaustive literature survey of the problem indicates that the problems faced by the old people are transferring their position from their wheel chair cum bed to toilet for excretion and cleaning of commode pot in case of attached commode pot along with the wheelchair seat. There were also other problems prevailing in case of bedridden patients like bed sores which is caused due to constant pressure applied on some part of the skin. This problem is solved by our innovative design of fixed pressure mattress on all over the wheelchair frame with automatic commode opening on the seat. Thus the name, Automated wheel chair with pressure reliving mattress and commode opening.” (Abstract has been taken from the patent application as is and has not been corrected.)

Patent Application 3:


Application No. 201731037735


Abstract: “This invention relates to a self-defense umbrella and in particular, this invention relates to a self-defense umbrella wherein outer breadth of the upper hollow pipe is smaller than inner breadth of the lower hollow pipe so that upper hollow pipe can be inserted to the lower hollow pipe. More particularly, this present invention relates to a self-defense umbrella in which one folding metal pipe which is attached with metal plate can make electric shock by a AC pulse create circuit attached with a handle of the umbrella. Furthermore, this invention also relates to a self-defense umbrella which has the beneficial effects of having compact structure, to reduce the power consumption and support carrying, and having safety and reliability.”(Abstract has been taken from the patent application as is and has not been corrected.)

BananaIP Updates

Disability Assistance patent application by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Somashekar Ramakrishna and Nitin Nair, published.

Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala along with Mr. Somashekar Ramakrishna and Mr. Nitin Nair filed a patent application on the 25th of February 2016; disclosing a method and system for providing assistance to the disabled. The patent application has now been published in the Journal of the Indian Patent Office.

General IP Updates

Top institutes looking to work together on developing IPR courses

Maharashtra National Law University (MNLU), Nagpur, and Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management (RGNIIPM) have hinted at a possible collaboration on developing degree courses for intellectual property rights for the next academic session. Speaking on the sidelines of the second World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) — India Summer School, 2017 being held in Nagpur, the vice-chancellor of MNLU hinted that the university may collaborate with RGNIIPM and WIPO to design a curriculum based on domestic and international IPR laws. He was also quoted as stating that there was a “significant demand for lawyers specializing in IPR in the country but due to lack of awareness’, only a few students normally opt for the subject.

Patent Licensing, Commercialization, Mergers and Acquisition

BlackBerry enters into patent licensing agreement with Teletry

Canadian smartphone major BlackBerry has entered into a patent licensing deal with Teletry, a company that is part of the Marconi Group. Marconi Group is a Dallas-based company that specializes in patent licensing. As per the deal, BlackBerry will retain ownership of approximately 40,000 patents and applications, which cover networking infrastructure, messaging, enterprise software and cybersecurity, while continuing operate its own licensing programme. This deal has further settled a year of litigation between the two parties.

Patent disputes, infringement and settlements

USITC to probe Apple for infringement of patents

The US International Trade Commission has announced that it would be investigating Apple for infringement of patents of a Nevada based company called Aqua Connect. The commission is already investigating complaints against Apple over its legal spat with Qualcomm and this new issue is sure to cause some discomfort to Apple.

International Patent Updates

Brazil and China sign PPH Agreement

The State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO) has signed a patent prosecution highway (PPH) agreement with the Brazilian National Institution of Intellectual Property (INPI). A pilot programme for the PPH will be launched on the 1st of February 2018.

BananaIP’s Patent Tip of the Week

Difference between a Continuation application, Divisional application and Continuation in part application

Continuation Application – The disclosure in a continuation application is the same as the parent application with claims similar to the parent application.

Divisional application – The disclosure in a divisional application is the same as the parent application but the claims are directed to different subject matter compared to the parent application.

Continuation-In-Part (CIP) Application – A CIP application adds new subject matter to the parent application with claims directed to the new subject matter.

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