Weekly Indian IP Statistics – 1st January to 7th February, 2020

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Trademark Statistics (1st Jan to 7th Feb, 2020)

Trademark Applications Examined by Trademark Office: 9112

Applications Disposed through Show Cause Hearings: 5832

Applications Published in the Trademark Journal: 8783

Registrations Granted: 6407

Hearing Notices Issued: 9124

Renewal Notices Issued: 3272

Patent Statistics (1st Jan to 7th Feb, 2020)

Early Publications: 922

Ordinary Publications: 5794

Applications published: 6716

Grants in Delhi: 1206

Grants in Mumbai: 536

Grants in Chennai: 1154

Grants in Kolkata: 552

Total Grants: 3448

Total applications examined: 10410

Industrial Design Statistics (1st Jan to 7th Feb, 2020)

Designs registered till date: 1416

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