Music labels impleaded in ISRA’s suit, Pirates of the Caribbean plagiarized?, Chennai’s Technology and Innovation Support Centre and more

Indian Copyright Statistics, Technology and Innovation Support Centre, Disney Accused of Copying Pirates of the Caribbean Plots, Performer’s Rights Dispute and more is presented by the Copyright and Entertainment Law Attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India’s Premier New Age IP Firm


“It is not what an author or performer fees, it is about what kind of right the law provides to them with respect to royalty” – Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala


There was a decrease of 26.97% in the total number of copyright filings compared to the last week. A total of 186 applications were filed for copyright registration during the last week. While most of the applications were filed for literary works no application was filed for registering Cinematographic films.

Sr. No Types of Work Number of Applications Previous Week Number of Applications this Week Percentage Change
1 Literary Works 198 147 29.56%
2 Musical Works 2 3 40%
3 Artistic Works 27 19 34.78%
4 Cinematograph Films 0 0 No change
5 Sound Recordings 2 3 40%
6 Software 15 14 6.8%
Total 244 186 26.97%


Saregama and Super Cassettes Succeeded in Impleading in a Performer’s Rights Dispute

The division bench of the Delhi High Court comprising of Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva and Justice Ravindra Bhat set aside compromise decrees recognizing the settlement deeds between the Indian Singers Rights Association and the two defendants. SpicyIP reported that the earlier defendants have entered into settlement agreements recognizing ISRA’s claims to receive royalties and agreed to pay the royalties claimed by ISRA. However, the music labels, Saregama and Super Cassettes filed a petition before the Single bench seeking to be impleaded in the suit claiming that their ownership rights were in question in the suit. The labels further claimed that the proposed settlement was collusive and therefore, unlawful. The Single bench rejected this petition and decreed the suit in terms of the Settlement Deed.  The Division Bench found that while recording a settlement, the court is obliged to examine the objections against the settlement and set aside the compromise decrees passed by the Single Bench.
Chennai gets Technology and Innovation Support Centre
The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion has signed an institutional agreement with Anna University. As part of this agreement, India’s second Technology and Innovation Support Centre will be established at the Centre of Intellectual Property Rights, Chennai. WIPO’s Technology and Innovation Support Centre Program provides innovators with access to locally based, high quality, technical information and related services and assists them to create, protect and manage their intellectual property rights.


Disney Accused of Copying Pirates of the Caribbean Plots

The writers, A Lee Alred and Ezequiel Martinez Jnr accused Disney of copying their copyrighted “expression of themes, settings, dialogues, characters, plot, mood and sequence of events”  from their 2000 page script entitled Pirates of the Caribbean. The duo claims that they submitted the script to Disney while working with Disney for another movie. The writers filed a copyright infringement suit before a Colorado Federal Court alleging that their Screenplay was intentionally copied and commercially exploited by Disney. “This complaint is entirely without merit, and we look forward to vigorously defending against it in court,” said Disney spokesperson in a statement.


Saregama to release one film a month

Music and entertainment company Saregama is set to get into film production under the Yoodlee Films banner. However, the company plans to have a restricted theatrical release for such films and instead focus on the online content platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Jio, and Hotstar. The films as per Saregama will be thematic and not the typical Bollywood archetype. Saregama intends to release one film a month and the films ready under the banner are Abhi & Anu, Brij Mohan Amar Rahe, The Noblemen, Ashcharya Chakit and Hamid. The company is looking to release fifty films in four years.


Scripts and Films – Handling Disclosures

Production houses and entertainment companies receive several solicited and unsolicited scripts and story ideas on a regular basis and must take appropriate measures to avoid disputes with respect to the same. While unsolicited scripts/ ideas can be handled through an effective/ efficient process, managing solicited ideas/ scripts, which are not pursued may turn out to be complex. One option for handling solicited ideas/scripts is to have a well-defined disclosure agreement with the author/scriptwriter, which includes appropriate releases, disclaimers, and boundaries.
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