On this eve of Valentines, most of us are looking forward to receiving gifts and most would have already planned big dates, exquisite dinners or indulgent getaways. Love is in the air and it’s time for chocolates, flowers, hugs, wishes, greetings filled with romantic words. The charm of valentine’s day still lies in pouring our heart out to our loved one and greeting cards have always be our companion in expressing our deepest feelings. Yes – the age old greeting card which has its origin as early as 1400’s in Europe. Interestingly the greeting “card” as we generally see it now, evolved from woodcuts to handmade paper cards to printed ones. Its various intriguing forms have always fascinated. The most evolved form of greeting card in this age is in the video form. This one invention which drew my attention is the “Video Greeting Card” invented by Frank C. Orsini patented in September 2009 (US 20090238544 A1).


The Video Greeting Card is a combination of a traditional greeting card with multimedia technology comprising of video, multimedia monitor, player screen. This card comprises of a video/multimedia player is capable of performing functions such as down-loading data, uploading data, playing, pausing, replaying.

So it’s a unique way to wish your Valentine all the love by recording your video and gifting it. Instead of expressing your feelings through written messages, the card will play a video wishing the receiver.

Apart from carrying messages of love, this messenger can also be used to greet people on their birthdays, for their holidays, anniversary. It can also we used innovatively be used as a business card or wedding invite.

 Talking about evolution, is this invention sustainable in this digital age of electronic messages? A wish comes from the heart and it should be preserved. Messages via messenger apps or emails or e greetings vanish after some time, they cannot be kept as memories. A video greeting card will sustain and preserve your memories recorded in audio and video for the future, also your love can play and replay the message and relive the same emotions.

So what are you waiting for – search for a nearest store having the “video greeting card”, record your wish and share it with your loved ones.

Authored by Nisha Kurian

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