Love is in the air, isn’t it? Valentine’s Day is only 4 days away and I presume some us will definitely end up shopping for our significant other on the very last moment. But do not panic, we have an easy, tried and tested solution for you. Chocolates!

Who doesn’t like chocolates? Chocolates can never go out of fashion and this gift works every time. Chocolate is sinfully delicious and let’s not forget it is also an aphrodisiac! So we bring to a brand new way of gifting chocolates, remember it’s good to keep things fresh.

The invention as disclosed in CN202016626U relates to a taste of small item, specifically a talking chocolate box.

The utility model relates to a talking chocolate box, characterized in comprising a chocolate box, a speaker, a microphone and a circuit board, wherein the chocolate box is provided with model grooves inside, each model groove is provided with a touch switch, chocolates are accommodated in the model grooves; the speaker and the microphone are both arranged in the inner side of the cover of the chocolate box; the chocolate box is provided with multiple color lamps on the inner circumference, the circuit board is arranged on the bottom layer of the chocolate box and composed of a button cell, a chip IC, a speaker , a microphone , a light emitting diode , a transistor , a touch switch and a recording switch . When the micro-touch switch is turned on, the voice is played out and the lights of different colours keep flashing up. This talking chocolate is more practical and beautiful, has more sentiment than common gift, and is capable of embodying deep affection as well as enhancing emotion between lovers.


Fig 2: Circuit diagram

In the above circuit diagram, GB is the button batteries, K1 and K2 are the micro-touch switches, VT is the transistor base connected to the output of the IC, M is the microphone and D indicates the light emitting diode.

So don’t wait. This Valentine’s Day share a box full of chocolates and make your loved ones smile!

Authored by Anjali Santhosh.

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