Upcoming IP Events – Fasttracking Patents, IP for Dancers, and IP Strategy

BananaIP’s Intellepedia is organising three IP Events during the next two weeks. While two of them are being held at BananaIP’s office, the IP Seminar on “Building IP Frameworks for Organisations” is being held at ITC Gardenia. You may register for the events by visiting the links provided hereunder.
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  1. Fastracking Patents in India: Getting a Patent in One Year – 29th November 2019 (2PM to 4PM) – BananaIP’s Office (3rd Floor) – Register Online
  2. Dancing with Intellectual Property – 8th December, 2019 (2PM to 4PM) – BananaIP’s Office (3rd Floor) – Register Online
  3. Building IP Framework for Organisations – 6th December, 2019 (9AM to 1PM) – ITC Gardenia – Register Online

Event Description

Getting a Patent in One Year

Fast tracking #Patents in India: Join us on 23rd November, 2019, to discuss strategies for expediting #PatentGrants.
Changes in patent rules and proactive steps of the patent office now make it possible to acquire patent grants within one year from the date of filing a patent application. The cost for  acquiring the patent speedily is not very high, and business/financial benefits are significant.
On 29th November, 2019, BananaIP’s highly specialised patent attorneys are organising a session on how you can acquire a patent in one year. The session will be held at BananaIP Counsels, Bangalore, and  corporates, entrepreneurs, and others interested may register for it.

Dancing with Intellectual Property

Dancing with Intellectual Property
From dance choreography  and settings to  dance music and costumes, various aspects of dance can be protected  as intellectual property. Protecting dance sequences and moves, videos and music, sets and costumes, personality attributes and names, and social media presence can help dancers commercialise their creative work and prevent its misuse.
Aimed at dancers, this specially designed session helps dancers understand  how to protect their  creativity and movement art. It provides insights into how their work can be commercialised, and what steps can be taken to prevent infringement of their work online and offline.

Building IP Frameworks for Organisations

Building an Intellectual Property Framework for your Organization
There is no doubt in the minds of business leaders that intellectual property (IP) provides great business and competitive advantage. However, deriving value from their IP creations and investments is for most companies an unsolved puzzle. With the increase in emphasis on IP in various business transactions ranging from selling products to providing services, organizations in India are now focusing on building IP portfolios that provide direct business value and competitive advantage.
Every company aspiring to make IP count for its business must set its IP strategy in the right direction. With this as the premise, Intellepedia – IP News Center (India’s leading IP publication managed by BananaIP Counsels) is conducting the half-day seminar “BUILDING AN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FRAMEWORK FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION”.
Register Online

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