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03 Nov
This image is the cover page the Dravidian - Dr. kalyan C. Kankanala's latest legal IP thriller

The Dravidian – God’s Own Tribe… Latest IP Thriller, Novel, Legal Fiction, Books

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From a renowned IP Attorney, Professor and Author comes a fast paced legal thriller!

What is ‘The Dravidian’ all about?

Living deep in the jungles of the Western Ghats is the Dravidian Tribe, holders of ancient knowledge capable of re-defining the fundamentals of modern medicine. Over hundreds of years, the Dravidian warriors have been dedicating their lives to preserving and protecting the medicinal knowledge, but now, everything they had lived for is at risk of annihilation. They are facing a force of bio Pirates too strong to defend, and are losing the battle.

The last weapon in the Dravidian arsenal is a young, blind lawyer, Arjun Mamidi, who takes their fight to the Courts of Law. Arjun is smart and has a few victories up his sleeve, but he is facing a toothless law, corrupt legal system, and formidable adversaries.

Arjun knows that his failure means the destruction of the Dravidian tribe and loss of their invaluable knowledge. Can he defy the unsurmountable odds stacked against him and pull off a victory? Or will the knowledge and the men guarding it be lost forever?

Read on to find out:

About the Author: 

Dr. Kalyan C Kankanala

Dr. Kalyan is a renowned IP attorney, professor and author from Bangalore, India. He works with BananaIP (BIP) Counsels, a leading IP firm in the country. He also teaches at premier institutions such as IIMB, NLSIU and IIMS.

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