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The Amazing Race: US and India Patent Statistics

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The Amazing Race: US and India Patent Statistics

Featured Image is of a statistical representation with no particular values, as the post is about US and Indian Patent statistics. To read the post click here.

Half the year is gone, and we, as usual, were curious to find out who are all in the race to top the patent charts this year. We found an article that gives a comprehensive view of the US patent statistics and list of top contenders (in terms of number of granted patents and published patents). So, we performed a search to identify details of patent activity of the top 10 in the lists provided by Sqoop. The search methodology adopted was to find out number of published applications, and number of granted patents in India, between 1st January and 31st May, 2015, for selected companies, and the search results are given below:


CompaniesIndian PatentsUS Patents
International Business Machines Corporation1283,059
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha31,782
Google Inc01,083
Sony Corporation51,074
Qualcomm Incorporated1151,034
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba271,022

As evident from the table above, in India, the top 3 spots are secured by IBM, Qualcomm, and Samsung, respectively; whereas in the US, the top 3 spots are secured by Samsung, Qualcomm, and Sony, respectively.


CompaniesIndian PatentsUS Patents
International Business Machines Corporation10001,764
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba19989
General Electric Company84664
Qualcomm Incorporated564617
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.56561
Sony Corporation153528
Hyundai Motor Company57514
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha11462

When it comes to the number of published applications, top 3 spots are secured in India by IBM, Qualcomm, and Sony, respectively. In the US, top 3 spots are secured by Samsung, IBM, and Toshiba, respectively.

Well, the race is in full swing. The numbers definitely show a promising trend, and it’s good news for the patent and tech community. We will bring you all the updates in this regard, as it all happens!

The post is the contribution of Naveen KM.

Source: here and here

Image Source/Attribution: here (This image is in Public domain)

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