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Featured Image alongwith blogpost on "Recent Developments & Principles governing Well-known Trademarks"

Recent Developments & Principles governing Well-known Trademarks

Have you ever wondered why well-known trademarks are given or accorded a wider protection? To answer that, you may read our previous post on  'An insight into Well-known Trademark'. Now, lets look at the Recent Developments in the Well-known trademark regime and what are the principles that govern them with the help of cases. Recent Developments Prior to the Trademark Rules 2017, the requirement for getting a trade mark declared as a well-known one was only by way of legal proceedings…

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Featured image alongwith blogpost on "An insight into well-known trademarks"

An insight into well-known trademarks

Brands enjoy huge importance as consumers today prefer different brands differently at different times and hence brands have a unique value to the consumers. However, they are of value not just to the consumers, but also of value to the suppliers and proprietors of the mark. A well-known trademark status is one of the biggest quality justification that any mark may possess. A well-known trademark status acts as a powerful safeguard from the risk of deceiving counterfeit products and thereby facilitates…

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This image depicts several well known brand logos such as McDonald's and Coca-Cola. This post is about the transborder reputation of well known marks. Click on the image to read the full post.

Evidence Required to Determine Well Knownness of a Trademark – Part III

This post was first published on 3rd July, 2014.   As discussed in my previous post, the claimant of well knownness of a trademark is required to prove the popularity of the mark among relevant public by submitting cogent, clear and convincing documentary proof. In this post, we will be discussing the list of documents that the courts or the Trademark Office considers as valid proof for determining the well knownness of a trademark. Although a hard and fast rule cannot be…

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The image depicts a lock with the letters TM by its side. The post talks about protecting trademarks. Click on the image to read the full post.

How to Determine Well Knownness of a Trademark – Part 1 -Trade Marks Act, 1999

In continuation to our previous post on Well Known marks, in this post we will be discussing the factors that should be taken into consideration while determining the well knownness of a mark. Section 11(6) and Section 11(7) of the Trade Marks Act, 1999 discusses the factors that the Registrar of Trademarks shall take into account while determining the well knownness of a trademark. Section 11(6) provides specific factors for assessing well knownness of a trademark, and Section 11(7) provides specific…

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