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Valentine’s Day Gifts ( Love Patents V):Well Played!

The image is of a jigsaw puzzle game which forms a heart as the post is about love patents

"All you need is love, Love is all you need"- The Beatles Its two days to go for Valentine’s Day, and it’s about time you stepped  up your game. Although you don’t need a special day to express your love for someone, it doesn’t hurt to make this one extra special. A lot of you might be suiting up and you probably will be making dinner reservations, at a nice, posh restaurant. Maybe you will order her favourite wine or  may be you're ready to go all out this time with some expensive champagne. That’s a great plan, but it could...

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Valentine’s Day Gifts ( Love Patents II) :Tie The Lovers Knot

The image is of a sketch of a half broken heart and it says you complete me. The post sia about love patents.To read more click here.

An interesting patent application filed in China describes a lover's knot. This can be your first step before tying the final wedding knot if you do decide to take it all the way. The lover's knot is in the shape of a heart divided into two parts. One for the boy, and one for the girl. The parts can be linked with each other to make the heart. The idea is that linking the halves together is a symbol of union of hearts. Once the boy and girl decide to tie the lover's knot, they are symbolically making a promise to...

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