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Technology Transfer boost Entrepreneurship

This picture depicts the building of the Illinois State University. This image is relevant because this post talks about how the University's tech transfer programmebhad boosted entrepreneurship. Click on the image to view full post

  Illinois’ universities in general, have a two tier program - they generate interest through educational programs on applied entrepreneurship and then their technology transfer offices (TTOs) support the development by patenting, licensing and commercializing the invention. The technology transfer programs of universities in Illinois have been conducive for fledgling start-ups as they provide them the necessary help in the form of academic network, idea promotion, mentor-ship and fund securing.   As per the latest Illinois Innovation Index report, the number of start-ups being incubated by Illinois’ universities has increased three-folds in the last five years. The Index, an initiative of Illinois Science...

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Louisiana State University to Double Investment for Moving Innovation to Market

Louisiana State University to Double Investment for Moving Innovation to Market

In January, 2014, Louisiana State University (LSU), established LSU LIFT (Leveraging Innovation for Technology Transfer) Fund, which offers bi-annual funding to LSU faculty members on a competitive basis, to effectively transfer innovation out of the lab and into the market. The Board also agreed to continually support the LSU LIFT Fund by assigning 5 percent of the university’s future IP licensing income to the new fund. In round one of the funding, the program attracted 47 applications out of which 15 grants were awarded, with a total funding of over USD 500,000 in support of further commercialization of an innovation. Round...

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University of North Carolina Records Extraordinary Growth in Technology Licensing Revenue

This image depicts the University of North Carolina. The University has recently seen a huge increase in commercialisation of innovation. Click on the image to read the full post.

University Of North Carolina (UNC)’s investment into new technology businesses paid off, last year, with its Office of Innovation Commercialization recording an exceptional growth in licensing revenue. UNC recorded US$ 7.9M from technology licenses - a whopping 160% increase in revenues from commercialization of innovation since its inception in 2009. UNC received a major boost in revenue from two of its biotechnology start-ups - Epizyme Inc. and Sarepta Therapeutics Inc., that started yielding results in 2013. UNC receives a lump sum when it sells a company. Mr. Andy Johns, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research at UNC said, “The path was paved years ago, it’s...

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