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Take Down of Infringing Content from Telegram

DocTutorials Edutech Private Limited v. Telegram FZ-LLC & Ors., Decided by Delhi High Court, on 25th January, 2022. A suit was filed by the Plaintiff against unknown Defendants No. 5 & 6 (referred to as John Doe), as well as any other persons associated with them, for releasing its the paid content  on a platform run by Defendants No. 1 & 2, i.e., Telegram. The Plaintiff Company provided online content for medical entrance exam preparations, through their website and mobile applications, and…

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Let’s Go Crazy – Is the Copyright Ruling Fair?

  Stephanie Lenz uploaded a video of her child dancing to Prince's tune - Let's Go Crazy, to YouTube. In the video, the child is seen making moves, while the song is played in the background. The video was uploaded in 2007 on YouTube. Universal Music, the owner of the sound recording, was not too happy with the use of the music in the video, which was getting great attention. UM sent a DMCA take down notice to YouTube, and YouTube…

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