Celebrating 20 Years of IP Excellence

Featured Image is of the IIMB, as the post is about an NSRCEL organised panel discussion on intellectual property for start-ups in the IIMB auditorium on 5th September. To read the post click here.

IP for Start-ups: An NSRCEL-IIMB event

On the 5th of September, 2015, NSRCEL has organised a panel discussion titled ‘IP for Startups’, to help start ups and entrepreneurs understand the Dos and Don’ts of IP management and its importance in the context of business. NSRCEL or the Nadathur S. Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, considered to be a hotbed for promising entrepreneurial talent, was founded in 2002, at the renowned Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB). The centre was founded with the objective to provide a…

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Importance of IP For Start-ups and Entrepreneurs (Part VII)

Importance of IP For Start-ups and Entrepreneurs (Part VII): Raising Funds from VCs and Investors in India

The post below has been  previously published on 9th December, 2014. Besides minor dated references, the post gives a basic understanding of how start-ups can raise funds and get investments from venture capitals and other investors, through their intellectual assets. Funding activities during the last quarter, especially when it comes to start ups, was great! Apart from the US$ 1 Billion Fundraising by Flipkart, India saw several start ups being funded at various levels. A Report indicates 93 deals…

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IP for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs - Part 6 - IP Risks

Importance of IP For Start-ups and Entrepreneurs (Part VI): IP Risks

More often than not, start-ups focus on protecting their intellectual property, but ignore risks from intellectual property of third parties. IP of third parties may kill a business if appropriate risk clearance measures are not taken at the right time. While protecting IP is very important for start-ups and entrepreneurs, avoiding or mitigating risks from IP of third parties is even more important. A start-up company must take necessary steps to avoid the risk of infringing IP of third parties.…

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