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Standard Essential Patents : Fair? Reasonable? Non-Discriminatory? (I)

Standard Setting Organizations (SSOs) set standards and essential features that must be fulfilled by specific essential items, materials, components, systems or services. Few examples of such SSOs in India are Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Telecom Standards Development Society of India (TSDSI), Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC), The Global ICT Standardization Forum for India (GISFI) and Development Organization of Standards for Telecommunications in India (DOSTI). When such specific essential item, material, component, system or service is in conformity with the set…

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Standard-Essential Patents & FRAND licensing in India

The requirements regarding licensing terms and procedures for enactment of national standards especially in the field of information communication technologies is an important development in the regulations which affect a business enterprise’s licensing negotiations. In a device, the technology in each component has to work together, i.e. Devices typically need to comply with some standards or protocols by which devices communicate with each other and other technology to achieve their functionality. For example, smart-phones made by different manufacturing companies, are…

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