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CASE BRIEF : Havells India Limited. vs. Shanghai CET Electric Co. Ltd. & Ors.

Facts of the Case: Havells India Limited, the Plaintiff, filed an application against Shanghai CET Electric and others (hereinafter together referred to as the Defendants) alleging them to be guilty of committing Contempt of Court for violating the orders passed by the Honourable Court dated – 10.01.2019 and 31.05.2019 (hereinafter the “1 st order” and “2 nd order”, respectively). The Court in its 1 st order, after establishing a prima facie case having been made…

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OSS License Compliance – Source Code Not Enough

  This post was first published on 17th January 2011.   Open Source Software adoption has taken a large stride in 2010. and so did enforcement of OSS licenses. Software Freedom Law Center has been taking the lead by filing suits against GPL violations. Despite the increasing number of OSS suits, none has till date gone the full distance. The cases are generally settled through compliance, withdrawal and/or payment of compensation.The recent withdrawal of an Open Source Software after alleged violation of GNU…

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