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California Joins Facebook Investigation, Amazon Accused of “Tying” by Online Merchant, Facebook Pulled Up Over Fake Ads and more

This is Part II of the IP Privacy and Anti-trust news for the week of 11th November, 2019. Part I is available here. California Joins the Facebook Investigation Cavalcade; Amazon Accused of “Tying” by Online Merchant; Lavazza Dragged to Court by Amazon Reseller; Tik Tok Responds to Allegations of National Security Risk; Facebook Pulled Up Over Fake Ads and more.  California Joins the Facebook Investigation Cavalcade Over the last couple of months, nearly every US state has announced investigations into antitrust or privacy-related matters of Google or Facebook, or both. Conspicuous by its absence from that list was the home of Big Tech...

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Facebook Sues Israeli Company for WhatsApp Hack, SVP Sues Juul for 1 Million Contaminated Pods, ACCC Accuses Google of Misleading Users and more

New Facebook Preventive-Health Tool Vows Strict Privacy Safeguards; Mis-handling of Data Leads to iPhone Update, Users can Now Delete Siri Recordings; Facebook to Pay Fine USD 644k for Role in the Cambridge Analytica Scandal; Facebook Sues Israeli Company for WhatsApp Hack; Dating Sites Under Scrutiny to Comply with Dutch Privacy Laws; Increase in Antitrust Scrutiny has Ramped Up Tech Firm Lobbying; Female UK Politicians Support Meghan Against Press Coverage; Google's Acquisition of Fitbit Requested to be Halted; Zuckerberg Defends Controversial Purchase of Instagram; LADOT's Request for Bike Rider Data Denied by Uber; ACCC Accuses Google of Misleading Users; Apple had...

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EC Issues Notices to TV Channels, Stalls Modi Biopic; Twitter Removes Trump Tweet; GoT Final Season Merchandise, and more

Filmmakers Issue Notice to Sunil Shetty for Interfering in Daughter Athiya’s Film, PVR Approaches SEBI against Screwvala Tweets, EC Issues Notice to Zee TV and &TV for Promoting Govt Schemes, EC Stalls Release of Modi Biopic, Twitter Removes Trump’s Video Citing Copyright Infringement, Rappers TeeFlii and 2 Chainz Face Copyright Infringement Charges, Reddit to Mass Delete Content from Piracy Thread, Vodafone Ireland to Follow ‘Three-Strike’ Policy for Infringers of Copyright, Viacom’s Pluto TV Scores 700 Hours of Content in Latest Deal with BBC Studios, Amazon Looks to Expand Latest Video Streaming Product, Cinepolis Hosts India’s First Movie Marathon, Game of...

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Cinematograph Act Amendment, Facebook to Make Political Ads Transparent, No Removal of Explicit Streaming Content, EU Agrees on Copyrights, Fiji Counter-sues, and more

Cabinet Approves Cinematograph Amendment to Curb Piracy, Delhi HC Dismisses Plea Seeking Removal of Explicit Streaming Content, Facebook to Increase Transparency of Political Ads, Jeff Bezos Accuses National Enquirer of ‘Extortion and Blackmail’, EU Negotiates Agreement on Copyright Rules, ‘GTA V’ Cheats Cost Creator USD 150,000 in Damages, Fiji Water Counter-sues Viral Fiji Water Girl, PV Sindhu Signs Lucrative 50 Crore Deal with Chinese Sports Brand, McFarlane Toys Inks Deal for DC Superhero Toys, Kiss and Emoji Collaborate, BMG to License Music through SESAC in India, Copyright Tip of the Week, and more. Copyright Quote When you have wit of your own, it's a pleasure to credit other people for theirs. - Criss...

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Saamy Square Piracy, Development in Solid Oak v. Take-Two Case, Songs on Spotify, Warner Music acquire EMP and more.

Copyrights and Entertainment Law News

Vikram and Aishwarya Rajesh's Film ‘Saamy Square” Falls Prey to Piracy, Actress Urvashi Rautela Apologises for Copying Gigi Hadid’s Instagram Caption, Simphiwe Majola Accuses Urban Brew of TV Show Copyright Infringement, Solid Oak Asks Court to Dismiss Take-Two’s Summary Judgement Request against LeBron James, Nintando Wins Copyright Suit Against Unofficial Mario Kart, Artist Sues Country Singer for Use of Mural in Music Video, Montana Photographer Sues Netflix for Copyright Infringement, Spotify to Allow Artists to Directly Upload Their Songs, Warner Music Acquires EMP Merchandising COPYRIGHT QUOTE OF THE WEEK "Of all the creative work produced by humans anywhere, a tiny fraction has...

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Social Media and IP (Part X): Trade Secret Cases

Christou v. Beatport Christou owned night clubs, and Bradley was his employee. Bradley's primary role was to find good DJs and organize events at Christou's night clubs. By virtue of his role, Bradley had access to the MySpace account of Christou's night club group. While working with Christou, Bradley founded Beatport and later left his job. Subsequently, Bradley started a competing night club after a few days. Aggrieved by his actions, Christou sued for trade secret misappropriation among other grounds. After analyzing the facts, the Colarodo Court held that the friends list on MySpace is like a database of business contacts and...

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Social Media, IP and Business- A Presentation by Dr. Kalyan Kankanala

This presentation was delivered by Dr. Kalyan Kankanala as a part of a seminar on intellectual property, social media and business. The seminar was attended by IP professionals as well as corporates. The presentation entitled ‘Social Media IP and Business’ covered the following topics. Various types of IP on Social Media- Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Publicity Rights. Intellectual property violation on Social Media- Direct Contact, Take Down, instances Infringement. Let’s Go Crazy lawsuit Examples of patents with respect to Social Media With the help of cases, examples and multi-media Dr. Kalyan’s presentation gives insights into various facets of Intellectual Property,...

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Social Media and Intellectual Property (IP): Part II – Distribution and Dissemination of Content

Every post, comment, or tweet made on Social Media has the opportunity of reaching millions of users. In 2015, Facebook was estimated to have around 1.5 billion users; Twitter, around 316 Million active users; and YouTube, more than one billion users. Theoretically, content on these platforms can reach millions of users. However, only a very small percentage of posts actually go viral on Social Media. One article estimates that rate of virality is 1.92 percent on Facebook. Intellectual Property and Distribution Today is Diwali, and one of my friends informed me that she just picked a Diwali Greeting image and posted it...

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Data Protection Battle that Facebook Inc. lost

The featured image is a thumbs down, opposite of a thumbs up action used as the "like" symbol on Facebook. The post is about a legal matter concerning privacy and data protection of user information on Facebook. To read the post click here.

  In a recent turn of events, the New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division has given an important ruling with regards to Facebook blocking 400 search warrants, seeking information about the postings of numerous users for a criminal fraud investigation. This decision is imperative as it has been ruled in the wake of the rising importance of privacy rights (data protection). Although the verdict has been unanimous in nature from the Appellate Division's First Department about the warrants, the judges opined that they understand Facebook’s concern over granting access to user accounts as per the Prosecutor’s request. Facebook’s sole defense...

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