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Large Software Services Company

Nature of the company: A large software services company   Why they approached us: Using lot of open source software in projects for customers Not clear about integrating open source software with proprietary software. Unaware of open source risks and mitigation strategies. What did we do: Studied several projects to understand open source usage patterns. Developed a open source compliance policy/process. Provided inputs on specific open source use projects. Established guidelines for using open…

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Mitigating Patent Risks

  First Publication Date: 7th December 2010   This is in furtherance of the post  "Assessing patent risk in India". Mitigation and management of patent risks assumes very high importance in the light of increasing patent enforcement in India. Risks from patents primarily come from infringement of patents of others. Some of the common strategies for risk mitigation are as follows: a. Design around; b. Licensing; and c. Invalidation.   a. Design Around Risks from a patent can be mitigated by designing around the claims of the…

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