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Small Business Innovative Research Initiative (SBIRI) Scheme from Department of Biotechnology

The image depicts the cover of the presentation with title of Trade Secrets and Biotechnology by Dr. Kalyan C Kankanala

First Publication Date: 24th December 2009. Department of Biotechnology has introduced a scheme to fund projects of small business innovative research Initiative. The scheme has become immensely popular as almost 56 Successful SBIRI applicants are listed for the scheme as on 26/11/2009. The aim of the scheme is to encourage small and medium scale industries to take up risk in innovative R&D in biotech sector. The intellectual property generated from the Project shall be the joint property of the Industry and DBT (in case of single industry) or whoever (Industries or DBT) contributed for generation of the intellectual property in case of...

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The Importance of Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs – A Short Talk With Dr. Sudhir Borgonha

The image depicts the word startup in the background with a silhouette of a man jumping, as the post is about startups and Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs.

  First Publication Date: 1st May 2008   Dr. Sudhir is a graduate from St. John’s Medical College and Sloan School of Management, MIT. He has been on the founding team of three life sciences companies which include Angstrom Medica, Massachusetts, a nanotechnology based orthopedics application Company; Triesta Sciences, California, a genomics based cancer research organization and ClinTest International, Michigan. He currently serves as a CEO of ClinTest International and also runs Sandbox, a life Sciences Incubator.   Q1. What is the value of IP for entrepreneurs in knowledge driven sectors? IP for entrepreneurs is of tremendous value. Knowledge driven sectors are essentially that -...

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