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Thou shall not re-tweet!

The image has the logo of microblogging website Twitter. The post is about a beverage company being sued by a photographer for allegedly using his copyrighted work for a social media ad campaign. The photographer is also suing others for copyright infringement who have re-tweeted or shared his photograph. Click on image to view the post.

  Dennis Flaherty, an American photographer is suing the beverage manufacturer Big Red Inc. for using his copyrighted photograph of Fort Alamo at night, in a social media marketing campaign. Well, this doesn’t seem out place, right? Companies making unauthorized use of a copyrighted work should be held responsible, and in many cases they are. But what if I were to say that Mr. Flaherty is not just suing Big Red, its employees and affiliates but also every other person who shared and/or re-tweeted the photograph? So, before we get into the details of this complaint, which may also seem a bit...

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