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Weekly Antitrust and Data Privacy Updates

This week's antitrust and data privacy updates are -   Google to face more antitrust charges in the EU In a streak of antitrust proceedings ongoing against Google in India, the U.S. tech company is potentially facing further charges before the EU Competition Commission. In a Reuters report, it was stated that the EU Commission is likely to be in the process of framing charges against Google, owing to the slow pace of the ongoing settlement with the company. Google has been…

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Latest Updates on Privacy - June 2022 - Part II

Latest Updates on Privacy – June 2022 – Part II

This is a rundown of last week's updates on Privacy: CNIL holds modifications to Google Analytics insufficient to meet GDPR requirements The French privacy watchdog, CNIL, has held that changes to Google Analytics' systems will not make it compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), dismissing options of anonymisation and encryption proposed by Google, following its decision that data transfers to the US via Google Analytics were illegal. The CNIL held that Google could not prove that firstly the data…

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Start up

Start Up – Networking Portal

Nature of the company: Start Up - Networking Portal Why they approached us: Low on financial resources to aggressively protect IP. Did not have online instruments in place - terms and conditions, privacy policy, licenses, and so on. Was not following any process, or system, for safeguarding its IP interests. What did we do: Helped the company file its trademarks, patents, and copyrights for a highly discounted professional fee, and small equity. Drafted all…

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The image depicts the word Privacy written using scrabble tiles as the post is about having the right privacy policy.

Planning the Right Privacy Policy for You and Your Visitors

First Publication Date: 4th February 2008.   Over the past few months, demands for increased privacy regulation have taken center stage as increasingly private transactions move to the Internet. According to The New York Times, the Clinton Administration plans to impose privacy regulations on health care information in the waning weeks of his presidential term. Companies are faced with renewed pressure to update privacy policies as tracking technologies change and consumer concern grows. Privacy policies are not generic and must be tailored to…

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Privacy and Intellectual Property: Are we trying to kill the snake with a log?

The Right to Privacy is now unquestionably a constitutionally protected fundamental right. The Supreme Court's order puts it as follows: " ... 2      The reference is disposed of in the following terms: (i)   The decision in M P Sharma which holds that the right to privacy is not protected by the Constitution stands over-ruled; (ii) The decision in Kharak Singh to the extent that it holds that the right to privacy is not protected by the Constitution stands over-ruled; (iii) The right to privacy…

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