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Pirate Bay Founders Acquitted

The featured image is of a hand holding the paper cut out of the pirate bay logo which is a pirate ship. The image is pertinent to the post as it is about the acquittal of the Pirate bay founders in a copyright infringement case in Belgium. To read the post click here.

Much like their previous logo of the mythological creature Hydra and their supposed slogan “if you cut off one head, many more will arise”, Pirate Bay never seems to go away or be out of the headlines! The founders of the infamous torrent site, Gottfrid Svartholm, Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde and Carl Lundström finally caught a break. Recently a Belgian Court, at Mechelse found the quartet not guilty on charges of criminal copyright infringement and abuse of electronic communications. Founded in 2003 by the fiercely anti-copyright organization “The Piracy Bureau”, as the name suggests, Pirate Bay has been plagued by legal allegations...

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Copyright V. Privacy – Flash, Airtel, GitHub and Tejesh

Featured image is of a computer code, as the post is based on it. To read the post click here

Tejesh, based out of Bangalore, had allegedly discovered that browsing  on Airtel's 3G network was being slowed down by code that helps Airtel generate revenue from data services offered by the telecom service provider. After making the discovery, Tejesh posted the code along with screen shots on Git Hub. In response, Flash Networks, the owner of the code sent a cease and desist notice to Tejesh alleging copyright infringement. It also sent a DMCA take down notice to Git Hub, following which Tejesh's post was taken down. One of Tejesh's main claims seems to be that the code was being inserted...

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Fighting Pirates – Copyright v. Privacy

The image depicts the a tag with Copyright written on it

The conflict between copyright enforcement and privacy has been one of the stumbling blocks in fighting online piracy. While proof of direct infringement by internet users is an essential element for action against online pirates, privacy of user data is an essential mandate to live and transact on the world wide web. Owing to privacy responsibilities of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), copyright holders find it very difficult, or impossible, to acquire details of internet users involved in downloading, uploading and sharing copyrighted content. In the ongoing litigation between BMG and Round Hill (which manage music rights of Katy Perry, The Beatles...

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