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Blix Sues Apple for Infringement and Antitrust Violations, Tencent Suspends NBA Pre-season Broadcast, Cryptocurrency Class Action, CJEU Rules Against Intermediaries,and more

BlueMail Maker Sues Apple for Infringement and Antitrust Violations; CCTV, Tencent Suspend NBA Pre-season Broadcast over Freedom Tweet; Premier League Warned of Revenue Drain by Piracy; HC Seeks Govt Views in PIL to Ban Telegram; Twitter Admits to Using Data for Ads; Class Action Against Tether and Bitfinex; CJEU: Facebook May be Ordered to Remove Identical / Equivalent Illegal Content; Twitter and Facebook May Face Fines from Ireland DPC; CMA Finds Fender Guitars Breached Competition Law and more. BlueMail Maker Sues Apple for Infringement and Antitrust Violations Blix Inc. has filed a suit against Apple in a US court in the state...

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Court Order Blocks 76 Websites, Xiaomi Fires Infringing Employee, Former Snap Exec Launches Verishop, and more

Copyright and Entertainment Laws News

  Ranveer Singh Receives Infringement Notice from Brock Lesnar, Village Roadshow Wins Order to Block 76 Piracy Websites, VidAngel to Pay USD 62 million for Copyright Infringement, Genius Accuses Google of Copyright Infringement of Lyrics, Court Upholds University’s Claim of Immunity Against Copyright Infringement, Premier League Tops List of UK Copyright Suits, Twitch Sues to Identify Uploaders of Christchurch Shooting Videos, Niantic Sues Global++ for Hacked Versions of Games games, Xiaomi Fires Employee Accused of Infringement, Netflix Attempts to Introduce New Revenue Streams, Spotify Announces Your Daily Drive Playlist for the Road, Former Snap Exec Imran Khan Launches Verishop, Lazada’s Organises...

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EC Notice to Makers of Modi Film, EU Approves Copyright Directive, Nike Wins ‘Jumpman’ Suit, AI Music, and more

EC Issues Notice to Makers of film ‘PM Narendra Modi’, Kesari Leaked Online One Day After Release, PUBG Mobile Users Receive ‘Healthy Reminder’, EU Approves New Copyright Rules, Peloton Removes Workout Videos as USD 150 Million Suit Looms, PUBG and NETEASE Settle “Battle Royale” Copyright Lawsuit, Nike Wins 'Jumpman' Copyright Infringement Suit, Record Labels Sue Charter for Non-Action Against Music Pirates, Spotify Acquires Parcast to Expand Original Podcast Content , Warner Music Signs Deal for AI-produced Music, and more. Copyright Quote I oppose piracy and want to see intellectual property protected because that is what fosters and rewards innovation. – Jared Polis National News EC...

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Akshay Kumar’s Toilet EK Prem Katha in copyright trouble, Game of Thrones: 90 Million infringement, Copyright Board by year end, Netflix’s copyright infringement and more.

“Akshay Kumar’s Toilet EK Prem Katha in copyright trouble, Copyright Board to be functional by end of this year, Netflix accused of copyright infringement, Game of Thrones premier pirated over 90 million times, and other entertainment law news” is presented by the Copyright and Entertainment law Attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India’s Premier New Age IP Firm COPYRIGHT QUOTE OF THE WEEK “Moral rights form the essence of copyright law. When they conflict with economic rights, moral rights must always prevent” - Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Renowned IP Attorney, Professor and Novelist. INDIAN COPYRIGHTS AND ENTERTAINMENT LAW UPDATES AKSHAY KUMAR’s TOILET EK PREM...

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John Doe Orders obtained by makers of ‘Sultan’

The featured image shows a signboard with the words 'No Piracy' written in black , bold letters. A skull with two cross bones is also present next to the words. The post is about a john doe order that YRF secured in its favour regarding the movie 'sultan'. To know more, please click here.

This post discusses the latest development relating to the movie ‘Sultan’. The movie was released today, i.e.on 6.07.2016. Ahead of the release of the much awaited movie ‘Sultan’, Yash Raj Films approached the Bombay High Court ,seeking for an interim injunction to fight piracy. Yash Raj Films filed an application after they came across websites hosting several links to download the yet to be released movie ‘Sultan’. These links although dormant at the time of making the application are bound to become functional once the movie is released. In an order passed by Justice G. S. Patel, the Bombay High court...

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Udta Punjab and Online Piracy of Bollywood Movies

  Udta Punjab, the recently released bollywood movie on substance abuse prevalent in Punjab has been mired in controversy from the beginning. Earlier, when the movie had commenced its shooting,the production unit faced trouble for not taking mandatory permission from the district administration and police authorities of Amritsar. However, recently the movie drew attention due to its certification and censorship by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) which became the bone of contention between the producers and the CBFC. In order to make sure that the movie gets released on time, the producers led by Anurag Kashyap went to the...

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Copyright Pirates! BREIN is coming for you!

The featured image shows the cartoon of a Pirate. This post is about the Pirate bay company being sued for copyright infringement. To read more click here.

  Well we’re all aware how heinous a crime piracy is and how every year the entertainment industry suffers a loss of millions of dollars due to it. For more than a decade anti-piracy organizations have been targeting pirate websites to curb instances of piracy. One such organization is BREIN (Bescherming Rechten Entertainment Industrie Nederland, which roughly translates to association for the Protection of the Rights of the Entertainment Industry of the Netherlands), a Dutch organization which has been an active member of this crusade against piracy. BREIN, known to be the force behind the discontinuation of websites like ShareConnector, is now...

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Dispute Resolution in the Entertainment Industry PPT by Sharada Kalamadi at GNLU

This presentation was delivered by Ms. Sharada Kalamadi at GNLU as a part of the entertainment law course offered to LLB and LLM students. The presentation covers: Subject matter of disputes in the entertainment industry Fair Dealing/Fair Use Section 52, Copyright Act, 1957 Concept of Fair Use Fair use defense Copyright infringement "Abstraction-filtration-comparison” test. Quantitative & Qualitative Test Extrinsic- Intrinsic Test Kroff Test R.G. Anand vs M/S. Delux Films & Ors Moral Rights Moral Rights Violation Remedies Piracy Dispute resolution mechanisms including mediation, courts, arbitration, Film Writers Association, Producers Guild Ms. Kalamadi used various industry examples, cases, multi-media to explain various...

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No more Free Porn, Malibu Media

  Malibu Media runs a website X-art.com, which hosts short erotic films. It is a subscription based website and claims to have more than seven hundred erotic videos. The website claims to host videos of gorgeous models from USA, Europe, South America, etc. Subscription plans on the website range from 19.95 dollars to 99.95 dollars.   Sometime in 2011, Malibu Media realized that the business is not growing owing to wide spread piracy of its videos on Bit Torrents and by other means. After conducting a review, the company decided to take this up legally. It started tracking IP addresses where its short...

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John Doe Order for Masaan!

The Featured Image is of a film strip. The post is about a John Doe order obtained by Phantom films, to prevent any online piracy and copyright infringement of their film Masaan. To read the post click here.

The Bombay High Court passed a John Doe order favoring Phantom Films to prevent the piracy of the movie “Masaan”. Masaan is a movie produced by Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane under the Phantom Films banner. The order was not only issued against unknown persons, who are potential infringers but Sonali Cable Vision, SpectraNet (an ISP), Manish Realties, Macassar Productions, and Sikhya Entertainment were also named as defendants. This was a step taken towards curbing the nefarious act of piracy. Phatom Films filed a complaint after they came across websites hosting several links to download the said movie. These links lay dormant...

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