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Innovation Driven Automobile Industry

  The Indian auto and affiliated industries have seen unprecedented progress and growth in the last ten years.  India has gone from an economy which used to replicate innovation and products from industrialized nations to becoming one of the preferred destinations for research and development, as well as manufacturing.  To compete globally however, it is essential for organizations to invest in, develop and capitalize on their intellectual property (IP).  But how to go about this is something that most Indian companies…

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Patenting Trends in the Automobile Industry

  The automobile sector is one of the fastest growing, competitive, and highest revenue earning industries. Keeping in mind the stiff competition, most leading automobile companies actively protect their IP. This post brings to light recent patenting trends seen in the automobile industry. The recent patent deployment strategies of established players demonstrates considerable improvement in  technological areas such as propulsion, telematics, safety and security.   Propulsion technology remains a hot topic among the automobile giants. The automakers aim to satisfy a long…

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