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World’s Best IP Blogs – 2016

  Last year in 2015, we ran a series on the world’s best IP blogs where we featured Intellectual Property blogs who have carved a niche for themselves in the world of IP. The series that we ran last year received immense appreciation and support from our readers and we remain thankful to them for the same. We also thank the IP blogs featured in this post and the series last year, for it is they who have taken it upon…

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Ten Titans of the IP blog world

Last year in the month of December 2015, we ran a month long series acknowledging and appreciating some of the best IP blogs across the world. The blogs that were featured in the series called "World's Best IP Blogs" were primarily those blogs who have made and continue to make constant efforts in keeping us all abreast with the latest IP news, information and updates. While all of the blogs featured during the series are the best of the lot, this post…

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World’s Best IP Blogs – Patentology

In our previous posts, we featured some of the best blogs from the United States, Europe and Africa. The blog that we bring to you today is based in the land of the Kangaroos and Wallabies. Much like the Kangaroos, this blog also hops in with fresh IP news on an almost daily basis. The blog that I am talking of happens to be called “Patentology.” Patentology is an Australian blog which primarily covers IP news from within the island…

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