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Interesting Patent Pending Invention

  First Publication Date: 21st December 2018   Most technology and engineering companies perceive development of a good portfolio of patents as a key function that enables them to differentiate themselves from their competition, and maintain strategic advantage in their business. Companies adopt various patent generation, protection and management strategies to develop a portfolio of patents. Strategies used by companies for generation of IP include, identifying inventions generated within the company, tying up with universities to generate IP, and acquiring third party IP. Acquiring…

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Practical Pointers on Managing Patents

Adopting good house keeping practices is a prerequisite to efficient management of patents. To avoid costly mistakes while prosecuting and maintaining patents, it is necessary to have an organized, yet simple systems for file management and docketing. Being jurisdictional in nature, seeking protection for every invention involves filing and managing multiple patents in multiple countries. Furthermore, most patent strategies adopted by companies to manage the lifecycle of their product involve filing multiple patents covering different aspects of the same invention…

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Challenges in IP Portfolio Management

  Our previous post in this series discussed the value Intellectual Property brings to business and why managing the life cycle of IP systematically and efficiently becomes imperative. However, efficient management of the IP life cycle comes with its share of challenges that need to be addressed continuously and consistently to ensure smooth prosecution life of the IP. Today’s post is aimed at discussing some of the challenges professionals in IP face while managing IP portfolios.   Challenges with respect to timelines…

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Is Statement of Working of Patents For Public Interest?

Working of patents is an integral element of the Indian patent system. In line with the primary objective of patent law, which is to promote the progress of science and technology for public good and economic progress, Indian patent Act specifically mandates working of patents in India. Failing such working, a compulsory license may be granted with respect to a patent , or in the worst case scenario, the patent may be revoked. (See CHAPTER XVI- WORKING OF PATENTS,COMPULSORY LICENCES AND…

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