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Proceedings Before the Indian Patent Office

The image depicts a gavel which indicates patent proceedings before Indian Patent Office application.

  Original Date of Publication: February 4th, 2008   Author- Dr.Kalyan C. Kankanala, Chief IP Attorney, BananaIP Counsels   OVERVIEW A patent application can be filed at only one of the four patent offices in India (Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai). The patent application passes through the following stages: A. FILING B. PUBLICATION C. EXAMINATION D. OPPOSITION E. GRANT A. FILING 1. Applicant: An application for a patent can be filed by the true and first inventor. It can also be filed the by the assignee or legal representative of the inventor. If an application is filed by the assignee, proof of assignment has to be submitted along with the application. The...

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Gilead drug opposed, Apple sued over ‘DND’ feature, Interesting patents, Green energy patents declining, LG Electronics v. Wiko, Patent Infringement, Patent Tip and other patent news

The featured image reads Weekly News Updates: Patent News. The logo of intellepedia also forms part of the featured image. To read more click here.

  “Patent Statistics, Interesting Patents, Tracking Parabolic Solar Cooker System, Low Cost Smart Spectacle Vibration Device For Visually Impaired People, See-Through Display Glasses For Viewing 3d Multimedia, Compositions Against Cat Allergy, Sports Training Bat, Gilead’s Hep C drug challenged, Apple sued over ‘DND’ feature, LG Electronics sues Wiko for patent infringement, WIPO worried over slump in Green Energy patenting, What cannot be patented?, Patent tip of the week and other Weekly Patent News,” presented by the Patent attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India’s leading Patent Firm. Patent Quote of the Week “The true strength of an invention lies in the claims of...

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Indian Patent Process and Procedure – Presentation by Ms. Vinita Radhakrishnan at UPES School of Law

This presentation titled is part of the 'Patent Law and Practice Program' being taught by BananaIP Team at UPES School of Law to B.tech-LLB Students. This presentation covers the General Patent Process and Procedure along with the Patent Process and Procedure in India. The following topics have been covered in the presentation below: - Law, Regulations and Guidelines - Indian Patent Process - Applicant - Exercise - Filing Mode - Fee Details In Filing - Filing Offices - Exercise - Type Of Filing - Contents of Specification - Documents - Formality Examination - Publication - Fee Details In Early Publication - Exercise - Request For Examination - Fee Details for RFE - Examination Process - Exercise - Pre Grant Opposition - Grant -...

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Post Grant Opposition of Patents in India – Lecture by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala at UPES School of Law

The featured image shows a blackboard with the words yes, no and may be written on it.

Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala recently delivered a lecture to the B.Tech - LLB students of UPES School of Law as part of the 'Patent Law and Practice Program' being taught by BananaIP Team at the School. The flow chart below represents the process of post-grant opposition in India. Section 25(2) of the Indian patent (Amendment) Act 2005 provides a provision for filing a post grant opposition against a patent.Under this provision any interested person, may file an opposition against a granted application within one year from the date of publication of grant of the patent. Post-grant opposition can be made on any of the grounds listed under section 25(2)...

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Patent Opposition and Revocation: A Presentation

A patent right is a monopolistic right that is granted only after stringent scrutiny of the patent application. The right is not enjoyed by a patent applicant/patentee unless it is proved beyond reasonable doubt that this proprietorship is well deserved of the invention. Since this grant of patent right affects third parties monumentally, they are given an opportunity to participate and intervene in the grant process by filing oppositions and request for revocations. An application can be opposed before grant as well as until one year after grant. Any person can oppose the grant of patent 6 months after publication of...

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