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The featured image is of the Lion Capital which consists of the Ashoka Chakra, with a horse and bull on either sides, and an hoisted Indian flag below it. The Lion Capital is the national emblem of India. The image is related to the post as it is a part of the Sinapse Series"Intellectual Property (IP) in India: A Decade of Progress". To read the post click here.

Intellectual Property (IP) in India: A Decade of Progress Part 2

  The post below gives the statistics of patent filings, grants and revenue generated in India in the past decade. Intellectual Property is an essential component for the development of a country. Intellectual property rights confer exclusive rights on creators and inventors who contribute to the betterment of the society through their creations in different fields of knowledge. The Intellectual Property systems not only boost the collective knowledge of the society but also escalate its dissemination. In the past few decades, the…

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