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The image depicts the main building of AGC situated in Netherlands.

Shall We Amend the Claims During Litigation?- AGC Flat Glass Europe Sa vs Anand Mahajan And Ors

  First Publication Date: 9th November 2009   In my earlier post I had discussed about the prosecution and litigation and the effects of prosecution on the outcome of litigation. Friends, here is a case where the Delhi High Court has allowed a Patent holder to amend his claim (or, should I say extending the scope of claim) after a suit for infringement has been filed. An Indian Patent (no. 190380) has been granted to AGC flat glass (formerly, known as Glaverbel). AGC files a…

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The image depicts a patent fight between two groups of people.

Claims! A Legal Fence and Public Notice

  First Publication Date: 1st November 2009   The government in the guise of the patent office is guided by the Patent Act and rules of the respective country to confer the necessary rights to the inventor(s) for his/her invention. The extent of the rights is determined by the scope of the claims in a patent application which the inventor(s) files with the patent office. The two broad factors that largely tend to affect the scope of the claims are: 1) The prosecution history of…

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The image depicts a person writing a the post is about guidelines for writing a patent abstract for the Indian Patent Office.

Guidelines for Writing an Abstract from the Indian Patent Office

First Publication Date: 1st November 2009 According to Section 10(4)(d) of The Indian Patent Act, every complete specification shall include an abstract section to provide technical information on the invention. According to Rule 13(7) of The Patent Rules, the abstract section shall begin with the title of the invention. The abstract shall also indicate the technical field of the invention, the technical problem the invention solved by the invention, how the invention solves the mentioned problem and the use(s) of…

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The image depicts the words 'Start Up' with the silhouette of a man jumping as the post is regarding patent filing strategies for startups

Patent Application Filing Strategy for Individual Inventors

First Publication Date: 31st October 2009   More often than not, most of the companies, be it mid size or large, and in some cases even start-ups, seem to have some strategy or the other when it comes to filing patent applications for their invention. These companies would have identified the markets in which they want to protect their invention, and they also would be aware of the various methods of monetizing their invention/patent. More importantly, these companies would be ready to…

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Drafting a Patent Specification

Introduction and Approach A patent specification is considered to be a techno-legal document because of the presence of technical details of the invention and legal limits of the protection embedded therein. The language used in a patent specification has a combination of technical and legal jargons. Patent specification is a document through which an inventor discloses the details of his invention in exchange for the exclusive rights awarded by the government. From a broader perspective, the government expects a patent…

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The featured image is the image of the drawing that forms part of the patent application filed for Anti-gravity illusion shoes. To read more, click here

Patent on Anti-Gravity illusion

  A lot has been discussed in the past about patents in the entertainment field, especially interesting ones such as patents owned by entertainers (e.g. Eddie Van Halen for musical instrument support, Bill Nye for Ballet toe shoes etc.,)[1], patents directed to devices related to musical instruments, such as tuners or supports, or even new ways of recording. As the Internet and mobile devices have become more prolific, uses of the Internet and mobile devices have added new aspects to new…

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The image is of a weighing machine with help written where the weight is displayed. The post is about weight loss patents.To read more click here

Shedding those extra pounds the patent way- Weight Loss Patents I

  Hello there Sinapse readers! If you are one of those people who have included “losing some weight” as one of your resolutions this year, this post should definitely be of interest to you. Losing weight can be a tedious task. From crazy celebrity diets to outrageous workout routines to any of the latest weight loss fads, we’ve all been there and done that. Haven’t we? In this post we bring to you some of the patented inventions whose primary objective…

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Sankranti Muggu with flowers at Nizampet, Rangareddy district. The post is about harvesting patents. To read click here.

The harvest festival and Patents, Happy Sankranti!

  Makar Sankranti, the harvest festival is celebrated in almost all parts of the country in various cultural forms with great devotion. It is believed that it is on this day that the glorious Sun God begins his ascendancy  into the Northern hemisphere. Also, this is the only Indian festival celebrated on a fixed calendar day of the solar calendar. All other Indian festivals are celebrated as per the lunar calendar, which makes their days of celebration on the solar calendar…

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The featured image shows the words patent patent application. The post is about the key points that one must keep in mind while applying for a patent. To read more click here.

Tips and Tricks for filing a Patent

  A person or an entity can safeguard their invention or idea by applying for a patent against the same idea or invention. This gives the applicant a kind of virtual ownership over the invention or the idea for a specified period of time. Although the basic procedure for applying for a patent is not that complicated, there are certain things that an applicant should bear in mind while applying for a patent. In this article we shall take a look…

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Intellepedia - IP News Updates

Types of Patent Applications

This post lucidly explains the different types of application which can be filed before Indian Patent Office. Provisional Application Non Provisional Application/Complete Application Conventional Application PCT- International Application PCT-National Application Application for Patent of Addition Divisional Application Provisional Application is a non-final, preliminary application which is filed before the patent office to claim priority. This application is usually filed when an invention requires additional time to improve upon. This is beneficial because the…

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