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The image depicts mozilla firefox as the post is about Mozilla Public License

Mozilla Public License Version 1.1

First Publication Date: 10th February 2008 The Mozilla Public License (MPL), is a license developed by Netscape Communications. Most of its provisions are same as the Netscape Public License. The license is considered to be a middle ground between the General Public and BSD licenses. Rights granted under the license Any software distributed under MPL grants both copyrights and patent rights to the recipient. The license grants the following copyrights over the software: Right to use; Right…

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First Publication Date: 7th January 2008 The Copyright law protects ideas expressed on a tangible form. Ideas by themselves do not get any protection; only the expression of the idea is protected under the copyright law. To get protection an idea should be expressed as literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, cinematographic or photographic work or a sound recording. Such an expression should be on a tangible form such as a paper, canvas, tape and so on. Expression in an electronic form is…

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World’s Best IP Blogs: FOSS Patents

We have often featured several posts on BananaIP with respect to Smartphones and the Patent wars that these Smartphone companies often engage in. Everyone is familiar with the legal battles that have been fought between the likes of Google, Apple, Samsung, Ericsson, Micromax, to name a few. They are often battles of epic proportions and the whole world watches these battles with bated breath. While many blogs and sites cover these issues from the surface, there is one blog that…

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This image depicts the Open Source trademark, which comprises of a green keyhole with the words Open Source. this post talks about interesting developments in Open source technology. Click on the image to read the full post.

Open Source Software & the Government of India

The Indian Government recently released its policy on adoption and use of Open Source Software (OSS) for government projects. The policy seeks to cut costs and improve flexibility by using, implementing and contributing to OSS development. The policy mandates that preference in government software projects must be given to OSS, and Closed Source Software (CSS) must only be an exception when OSS is not available. The Preamble of the policy reads as follows: "Government of India (GoI) is implementing the…

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