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Non-conventional Trademark-Smell marks

In the earlier post, we had discussed Sound marks as one of the unconventional marks. This post is a continuation of the previous post, where we will be discussing Smell marks. Olfactory memory is the most unused mean to link a brand to consumers. The smell as the most potent type of human memory can potentially identify a product if it qualifies the criteria of a trademark. Smells have also the ability to recollect pictures and emotions and this may affect…

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Non-Conventional Trademarks: Sound marks

The following article is brought to you by the Trademark experts of BananaIP (BIP) Counsels, India's leading new age IP firm. This post discusses Sound marks as a non-conventional trademark and how sound marks are registered in India and the US. The ever increasing competition in the commercial arena and a budding consumer society has directed several brand owners to adopt innovative methods in order to surpass their competitors, and boost their own products in order to achieve a distinctive frame. Trademarks as…

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