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Copyright for Old Songs, Cases Against Accidental Prime Minister, Court Dismissed Raymond MD’s Plea, Works from 1923 in Public Domain and More

Weekly Copyright News Updates - Intellepedia

Bombay High Court to Decide on Copyright for Old Songs, Accidental Prime Minister: Multiple Cases Filed, Private FM Channels Allowed to Broadcast All India Radio News till May 31, Supreme Court to Take Action against Officials Using Section 66A of Information Technology Act, Court Dismissed Raymond MD’s Plea against Father’s Autobiography, Music Labels Seek to Block Unauthorized Downloads of YouTube Audio, Renowned Classic Works from 1923 Now in the Public Domain, Behavior Interactive and Bethesda Resolve Copyright Infringement Dispute Amicably, CD Baby Artists Earn Over $100 Million in 2018 COPYRIGHT QUOTE OF THE WEEK “Copyright? Copy RIGHT: Steal ideas, steal facts, but...

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