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The Featured Image is of a film strip. The post is about a John Doe order obtained by Phantom films, to prevent any online piracy and copyright infringement of their film Masaan. To read the post click here.

Jyoti Kapoor Wins Copyright Battle against Kunal Kohli

After an eight month long tedious copyright battle Jyoti Kapoor can breathe a sigh of relief. The Supreme Court in its momentous decision stated that there existed similarities between Jyoti Kapoor’s script of “R.S.V.P.” and Kunal Kohli forthcoming film “Phir Se.” The Court also ordered Kohli to pay compensation of Rs. 25 lakh and give her due credit for the idea of the story. Jyoti Kapoor’s win against Kohli can be taken as a step in the right direction, which may encourage other…

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